For Final Fantasy XIII-2 on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled “Final Fantasy XIII-2 Ultimania Omega”. Final Fantasy XIII-2 has three Ultimanias to its name, those of Battle, Scenario and Omega. Omega has a picture of Lightning on the cover. Its ISBN is. Following our report from the other day hinting at a possible sequel to Final Fantasy XIII-2, the rest of the interview contained within the game’s.

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Caius is basically not able to travel in time, but the Caius you fight in AF ziii conceivably be AF’s Caius that travelled back in time from Valhalla. Final Fantasy 13 is expected on PlayStation 3 and Xbox in Although the guide mentions Gilgamesh having found the weapons apart from Bashosen from different Final Fantasy worlds, it is also said his swords are fakes, like the weapons Gilgamesh used in Final Fantasy XII.

The buildings you can see there don’t house people, so they do not need to have staircases or toilets actual quote from Watanabe-san. He can easily be poisoned to drain his HP quickly. Her relationship with Hope should have changed both characters some way. FireMage FireMage 6 years ago 5 The entire unsolved mysteries section Gilgamesh also use Divider as soon as he has recovered from stagger. Gilgamesh’s signature theme, ” Clash on the Big Bridge “, plays during the oemga.

Gilgamesh (Final Fantasy XIII-2)

Forgot your username or password? Thus I will give you a detailed table of contents with commentary, so that you the community can tell me, which point you want to hear about first.

Email required Address omegaa made public. What happened at the end of FF13? Player would have used terminals, where you would have done some decisions that vantasy let you continue the game or get a game over. Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts.


I can’t help you find scans, but you can but it for fairly cheap here. The racing system was used as the base for the chocobo racing minigame in Serendipity.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Ultimania Omega Developer Interview – Nova Crystallis

Lightning’s rebirth The weakening of the goddess etro The power of chaos Valhalla, the world fallen into chaos The original human Yeul The power to see the time-line with etro’s eyes The man named Caius Ballad Caius’ plan AF Paradox endings and the real ending 1.

Gilgamesh is a high-end Commando with quick-hitting attacks and spells; Gilgamesh casts magic at a faster speed than Serah and his physical attacks are fanyasy swift. Caius probably really died at the hands of Noel, but only in his physical afntasy. Of the four islands in Novus, two are cities and two are more undeveloped.

Take our Subreddit Fabtasy The toilet quote was hilarious. While Gilgamesh is not immune to debuffs when not staggered, he is resistant. Here we have an extremely vital matter to discuss about this game and yet all of the attention goes to poll topics and lame-ass high school sexual jokes. Sign up for free! Ultimanix from ” http: When Serah an Noel solve the Paradoxes, which they encounter, the possibilities of the future broaden.

FF Ultimania Omega – Chrysalis

Because of this the AI tends to favor him using Ruin rather than Attackdespite him having higher Strength than Magic. But when they created all the back-story of what happened in the years between those two games, they came to the conclusion to make it a time-travel game.

As for Noel and Hope, most likely they were fsntasy by the Chaos. Why the hell did they scrap it? The red part of his face is supposed to look like the painted face of a kabuki.


I don’t think anyone’s scanned or translated the whole thing, since the guide books are several hundred pages, and contain a buttload of text.

Sorry for the ultra-long posts that are to follow. He is a demigod with superhuman strength who builds the walls of Uruk to defend his people and travels to meet the sage Utnapishtim, a survivor of the Great Flood. Is Caius really dead? Serendipity is supposed to be reminiscent of the Golden Saucer in FF7. The story of the gods 2.

Excalibur inflicts physical damage on one opponent, Masamune inflicts greater damage, Muramasa has a drain effect, Bashosen inflicts Slow and removes a buff, Zantetsuken inflicts wound damage, and Excalipoor only deals one point of damage. Omega has a picture of Lightning on the cover.

Gilgamesh has high Strength and Magic and he can gain a massive amount of HP. Gilgamesh’s face paint is based on traditional kabuki actors, for which Benkei is a popular character to portray. FinalFantasy submitted 4 years ago by caelumsixsmith.

We allow self-promotion at a This idea was cancelled. All of his stats can be even further raised through infusions. The player needs to play aggressively as Noel. Caius actually died at the hands of Noel near ultinania end of the ciii, but may live on through Chaos. We’ll remove harassing comments, and ban repeat offenders. The real highlight of the books are the concept art and snippets. Oh, and of course this thread will contain spoilers.

Start a new discussion. Both characters were aware of it though.