In Silent Shift, we focus on the smaller, less publicized events. In this edition of Silent Shift, we focus on Fredric Wertham, a villain to Comic fans. Among comic book aficionados, Dr. Fredric Wertham is often considered to be as slimy and evil as any creature ever to appear in the horror comics he criticized. Fredric Wertham is notoriously known as the child psychiatrist who led an almost puritannical witch-hunt against the comic book industry. His essays.

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Though by talking with a lot of juvenile criminals who all read the most horrific comics titles the industry had to offer, Wertham took the wrong conclusions. Views Read Edit View history. An Interview with Fishball at C2E2 It was the end for a number of publishers, especially EC Comics, who only carried on with the humorous Mad magazine but lost all their other titles. Still infamous to most comics fans of the time, Wertham encountered suspicion and heckling at the convention, and stopped writing about comics thereafter.

Dr. Fredric Wertham

I have also helped a number of young people so they were ffredric sent to the electric chair. With the Code, horror comics essentially died overnight.

In one of the more famous examples of comic book censorship, EC went toe to toe with Code authority Murphy and won. The code came after them hard, as they were the fat cats of horror.

Moral panic was in the air and young people were indeed less obedient than previous generations. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. By his early twenties, he had already started his crime spree, becoming a violent pedophile. Of all the criminals Wertham interviewed, one specifically stands out among the rest, for his violence and cruelty; Albert Fish.

This page was last edited on 29 Octoberat Here he’s presented as a line drawing, of the type one might find in a werham, irony alert comic book! He was a moral knight, believing himself the harbinger of decency. But why did this older German psychologist seemingly hate comics so much?


Silent Shift: Why Did Fredric Wertham Hate Comics? – ComicsVerse

Fredric Wertham also corresponded with Sigmund Freud for a while, which inspired him to become a psychiatrist. It was the final straw for disconcerted educators.

Indocumentary filmmaker Robert A. Seduction of the Innocent InDr. Frederic Wertham, born in Munich, studied medicine in Germany and England and, in the process, became deeply interested in psychiatry and decided on his life’s work after corresponding with Freud.

From the outside, America seemed to have settled into an economic renaissance. Art Spiegelman werthwm Dr. He spent much of his life studying and writing about violence and how to prevent it. In his book ‘Circle of Guilt’ came out, again centering on a murder case. Using the clout he had gained through his years of being an expert witness at Bellevue, Wertham took his frefric to the Senate, where he argued that the government must take action against the comic industry.

He would dress well, playing the part of wealth, even though with a closer examination, it was clear his clothes were frwdric and dirtier than they first appeared.

In the course of that work I came across crime comic books. Bertham who was kidnapped and turned into a monster by a mad scientist in Seaboard ‘s Brute 2 April wertjam If you are not ordering for the holidays, please leave us a note in Paypal. Fish, on trial for the murder of Grace Budd in June,was legally insane when he committed the murder and has been insane since that date.

Emil Kraepelina professor of clinical psychiatry at the University of Munich, and worked briefly at the Kraepelin Clinic in Munich in In extensive testimony before the committee, Wertham restated arguments from his book and pointed to comics as a major cause of juvenile crime. Wertham noted how the boy lived in a fantasy world, sustained by movies, radio plays and comic fredgic.

He did not change his name legally to Fredric Wertham until Fish would visit the household several more times, lulling the family into a sense of security. Within one year a censor brigade, the Comics Codewas established. Wertham examined and interviewed the criminals and discovered that one of them, Jack Koslow, had read ‘Nights of Horror’, which had sexually aroused him and motivated him to copycat behaviour.


Wertham’s views on mass media have largely overshadowed his broader concerns with violence and with overprotecting children from psychological harm. Fredric Wertham emigrated to the USA inwhere he became a respected psychiatrist and director of several New York psychiatric hospitals. Our Friends Want some pop culture news?

Rozzer McSnide April 29, at 8: Later that same year, the Comic Code Authority began. Fish would sometimes hide at the edge of the woods, chasing after children that walked by, or other times he would simply walk down the street, his hands always fidgeting, grabbing a child that he fancied and walking away.

Around this time Wertham corresponded and visited with Sigmund Freudwho influenced him in his choice of psychiatry as his specialty. Using the unique emblem Fish put on the letter, police were able to trace the Gray Man back to a tenant building that Fish was staying in.

Wertham’s original research materials for “Seduction of tredric Innocent” became available in It would never have happened, if not for Fredric Wertham.

Fredric Wertham and the Critique of Mass Culture

Early life and academic career Dr. Protecting children is not censorship. Not all of Dr.

Emile Kraepelin, a psychologist who emphasized the effects of environment and social background on psychological development – a novel idea for the time. Over the course of late and throughoutStan Lee responded to the increasing popularity of Wertham’s views about comic books in a series of editorials in every comic released by Marvel Comics freeric the company was being called back then at the time.

Three psychiatrists testified in Supreme Court today that Albert Frdric.