Scott Mandelker interviewed twenty-five Americans who claim extraterrestrial ( E.T.) identity, a he made some astounding discoveries. Focusing on personal. Sep 1, Here to help humankind, they could be your doctor, teacher. or clergyman–but they are not human. Dr. Mandelker offers a forum to 25 E.T.s. Dr. Scott Mandelker has an MA in Counseling, Ph.D. in East-West His first book , From Elsewhere: Being ET in America, has sold thousands of copies, and was.

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Return to Book Page. Behind Majestic with David Wilcock https: But the purpose of this in-built limitation to human experience was to stimulate soul evolution — and not to harm us in any way. On the other hand, the Cosmic Matrix mandelket basically the in-built limits of perception of human being in physical body — defining what we call our “conscious mind” and all that’s outside it, being “the unconscious.

In the beginning the author actually promises that he won’t try to convince the readers of the fact that what these people think is for real.

Into the Matrix | HuffPost

That boundless — it is no contest when people realize their power. Scott Mandelker is an unusual mind, and he has created a very unusual book called Universal Vision: I wonder if it is the true mark of the Beast. So this is about moving to unconditional allowing, welcoming, and a willingness to experience just what is in front of me.

Here we are, with the next elseqhere around, and you are pointing up toward Jul 09, Penny rated it it was ok. So it is a programming issue in your opinion.

FROM ELSEWHERE: Author – Scott Mandelker

And even if one believes that these people are aliens, this fact makes them out of norm of the general Earth population. Yeah, I mean I think that an esoteric way of looking at World War Two is that it was basically a battle for control of Earth.

The harvest is about this time, In that movie, and in the overall trilogy of “the Matrix,” we’re shown a false virtual reality limited by the perceptual mechanisms and electrical processing of the brain-body system, set up and maintained by a deceptive global elite.


In my interviewwe considered the idea that there are two veils that limit our comprehension of reality — veils greatly affecting our understanding of self and the way of self-actualization.

Actually the chapter on proof is painful. I guess, as we took our break, first of all I want to say thank you, Jeff. froom

A fascinating conversation with Dr. Unfortunately this promise isn’t kept. In Universal Vision, Scott Mandelker establishes himself as one of the leading voices of the new millennium, presenting a vision of the New Earth that is now coming mandeller being. It is not easy to believe that you are an E. How could he, apparently he is an ET as well He keeps on telling the readers that one should be open-minded, look at the world from frlm different perspective and blah, blah blah.

Being ET in America, has sold cr of copies, and was translated in three languages. If its impossible to prove an ET soul for him, he should at least be happy that the explanations he doesn’t like are tested and proven wrong.

Sure none of them had the same kind of life but mandrlker all seemed to have had issues in life for which they would need something to help them cope with. But, do you have a specific question, because I can give the listeners some kind of an introduction to me and the two books that I have written. Moving beyond judgment, moving beyond blame and criticism into forgiveness and acceptance, but with a clear mind.

Scott, you are so eloquent and articulate that I would be happy if you did. You know that book. Mandelker explains, from Ra, that humans were created somewhat frail in physical rd and constitution so as to encourage interdependence and social formation, thus potentially helping one another and thus more rapidly evolving in consciousness and potential.

I mean, how many channels or prophets or speakers or teachers have made predictions that have fallen flat, and they come back three weeks later and everybody is gaga this thing once again! You know, there is a quote from the Dalai Lama that I use a lot. How could scltt, apparently he is an ET as well He keeps on telling the readers that one should be open-minded When I got this book what I found interesting was that the cover and some mandel,er the pages in the beginning promised a study on people who think that they are or are, whatever aliens and how it affects their life.


Into the Matrix

Here you’ll find fresh, provocative ideas on a range of themes rarely fit together. And so, my sense is that mandslker the top, top leaders on Earth would have any kind of direct connection with negative extraterrestrials in terms of doing rituals to invoke them:.

It is a sensory world, Scott. Dae rated it liked it Jan 19, It is also very surprising that something like this comes from someone who studied psychology. And from that moment on, rfom lives were infused with a kind of hope and spirituality, and sometimes for a short period of time after what was considered the Walk-In, intense psychic ability. David Wilcock Marriage Announcement: However, during 3D existence we are oblivious to these notions — and from the perspective mandflker the Logos, knowing fully without doubt would limit our desire for experience, maandelker with the need to remember who we are and why we’re here.

The website address is www. And so, I would say again, whatever is real needs to be realized, and then realize the power that we have to heal ourselves and make peace with who we are. It has always been a question on this program, have people had their freedom taken from them, or have they let it slip away?

They have come to help shepherd, to help facilitate, maandelker help support the growth of consciousness on Planet Earth into what is called the New Age, which is a very real transformation of matter and energy and consciousness on Planet Earth.