To say that Gene Wolfe is a difficult author is both a compliment and a knock. In Shadow of the Torturer, the first in a four book series known as The Book of the. The Shadow of the Torturer is the first volume of the four-volume “One expects any book from Gene Wolfe to be a classic — and here it is. Gene Wolfe’s science fiction is neither operatic nor scientifically accurate; his In the early part of the first novel, “The Shadow of the Torturer,”.

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After suffering through the verbal wolf of The Name of the WindI was really jonesing for some literary fantasy, if such a thing existed. Wolfe also takes his time despite the size of the novel in getting where he wants the character and the audience to go. This literary device is equally vital to understanding the layers of meaning in his book Peace. All in all, I am not sure I will continue with the series. There is an undercurrent of obsession with women and their sexuality, complete with the sexualization of rape and murder.

They make sure never to to “take in” those who are sadists, those who simply enjoy giving pain.

My Fantasy Book Suggestions The Seekers are an interesting group. Hungarian edition of The Shadow of the Torturer Wondering what the words mean, and knowing that there are going to be gaps in our knowledge throughout the story, keeps us nicely off balance. What an exhilarating introduction to the epic imagination of Gene Wolfe. I made it about 10 chapters, over an hour in.

Gene Wolfe’s The Shadow of the Torturer

The prisoner turns out to be his challenger, Agia’s brother, whom he executes. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Definitely not for me. Everest that every serious reader in the genre will be drawn to again and again, and there is much to be gained in each attempt, whether the peak is attained or not.

I agree ot with Nobody from USA.

The Book of the New Sun: science fiction’s Ulysses? | Books | The Guardian

These weren’t vital and strange ideas to be explored, like the mix of sci fi and fantasy in VanceLe Guinor Lovecraft, but inconsequential ‘easter eggs’ for obsessing fans to dig up. That said, you don’t have to wo,fe pretty sentences to impress I tried.


Eventually Severian and Dorcas encounter Dr.

Perhaps it is because of the author’s partic I don’t even know whether I liked this one or not. That’s unfortunate since the alternate group read is Titus Groan which falls into the same category for me. Instead of leaving us to accept that sf is just invention like any other kind of storytelling, Wolfe adds extra meaning to the very idea of sf, like so many other sf novelists, by inviting the reader to think about these stories as being the narratives and records of history that have not happened yet.

I shed a tear to think there is a single literate fan of sci-fi who has not been exposed to this incredibly gifted author. Crown of Feathers was probably my favorite read of Needless to say, it is frowned upon for any torturer to form any kind of bond with their subjects as their grisly work mandates that no emotion be felt.

Instead, Wolfe relies on small events that culminate in substantial but subdued changes in the major character. I agree with this reviewer that there is simply not enough structure to the story to make the narrator’s unreliability meaningful.

WolfeWiki – The Shadow of the Torturer

She talks to him, and requests the Masters that he be her attendant, a request granted. Yes, there’s plenty of odd words — “fuligin” for black, “carnifex” for torturer, “destriers”, which are sort of super-horses. When she reads fiction, she wants to encounter toeturer ideas and lots of imagination. David from United States It goes so much deeper than the review even implies.

I wouldn’t be reviewing comics and graphic novels if it weren’t for Brubaker’s Criminal books.

And that is only one of the things that bothered me about him. Although they are always actual words, their definitions never quite fit the context.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. But I found this all added to the other-ness of the world Wolfe has created; I didn’t exactly understand some words until I looked them up but I knew what he meant by them, and I loved his “note on translation” at the end of the first book, when he tells us how he went about “rendering this book – originally composed in a tongue that has not yet achieved existence — into English”.


Moreover, the story was a mess, the main character was a mess and the setting was a mess. Internet Speculative Fiction Database. These medievalised characters are also not saving the world through magic. As I say, we are given so much reassurance that Severian will survive, in a narrative where death is simply everywhere, we can concentrate with greater avidity on his story, and try to work out why his society makes a guild of torturers necessary.

June 28, – Published on Amazon. Aug 13, Kat Hooper rated it it was amazing Shelves: In order to make the distinction meaningful, you’ve got to put some kind of spin on it. The practises within the Guild were interesting and creepy to learn about and the matter of fact way that torture was spoken about gave a chill to the book.

Joshua “Ash” Drake is a man in hiding. She survived the mission, the drop; the fall. Severian saves Vodalus’s life, earning his trust and the reward of a single “gold” coin.

The lighting in the Citadel is clearly from something as long-lasting as nuclear power; some of the torture techniques are based on psychotropic drugs; and the Tower of the Torturers is clearly part of a long-defunct and partially overgrown and overbuilt spaceship.

Severian encounters the rebel exultant, Vodalus, saves his life even, and romantically and in ignorance is there a difference between the two states? Given that this is part one of a trilogy of books, perhaps not. That night, she and Severian become lovers. He wakes the following morning in a lazaret military hospital.

It requires that you pay attention to every word and every sentence. After returning to the United States he earned a degree from the University of Houston and became an industrial engineer.

The reader isn’t given all of the history and religion lessons etc. Leave a Reply Geme reply Enter your comment here Albeit this is a work of fiction.