Gomukhasana is one of the most common yogic pose practiced by the people all over the world. The name gomukhasana is derived from the. In Gomukhasana (Cow Face Pose), the name comes from the Sanskrit words Gow meaning Cow and Mukha meaning Face or Mouth. The word Go also means. Get more information about the Gomukhasana that is known for various health benefits at Find complete details about Gomukhasana .

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The asana or posture of Gomukhasana has gained immense popularity within the Yoga community. The asana, whose name literally translates into Cow Face Pose, has helped a lot of people who are fighting a variety of conditions such as diabetes, back and shoulder issues, and sexual disorders. How to Go About It Take a seat on the ground and keep your legs extended towards your front.


Gomukhasana (Cow Face Pose) meaning, steps, precautions and benefits

The left leg must be folded and placed under your right buttock. The right leg should be folded and placed on top of gomukuasana left thigh. After folding both legs, make sure to check that the knees of both the legs are placed near each other.

Your left arm should be bent below the body and placed behind your back. Your right arm should be bent above your head and taken over your right shoulder, and placed at the back too.

Gomukhasana Yoga (Cow Face Pose)- How To Do And Benefits | Styles At Life

The two hands should manage to touch each other. Your body must be kept erect, and your chest should be expanding once you enter the final position. Concentrate on the breath after you settle into bemefits final position. The Benefits Works for people who have flexibility issues with their backs.


Helps in easing stiff shoulders as well as various backaches and pains.


Diabetes patients have found immense benefits from the Gomukhasana. Renal activity is stimulated. The chest muscles become well developed if Gomukhasana is practiced regularly.

Numerous sexual ailments are also alleviated. Safety Measures While managing to bring the hands together is an important part of this asana, try not to overdo it on your first go. In the initial stages, you may find that only the fingers of each hand are managing to touch each other.

People with existing medical conditions, especially back problems, should consult an expert first before practicing the Gomukhasana.