Really been thinking of running this story for my 5e group after OotA. Get the book and do what I need to in order to convert it up to 5e. I’d. I made a conversion document for The Great Modron March from 2nd Edition AD&D Planescape to 5th Edition D&D. It’s up for free on the DM. The Great Modron March is an event that occurs once every Great Cycle (a period of time equal to years, or 17 cycles of the largest gear of.

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As far as running them, I think that while some members of each one take a really hard stance, others are more flexible – kind of like how some people go to church every day, and others go once in awhile.

The Great Modron March – Guile’s World

I hope that ou have as much fun GMing Planescape campaigns as I have over the years. Great Modron March is part of a campaign that ties together with another Planescape module called “Dead Gods”.


There is nothing the party can do to stop the March; this adventure is about helping those caught in its path. Legendary Lightning Ex Once per round, a mortai is able to unleash an awesome lightning bolt that is feet square in diameter, and affects everything in its path. I created only a few of them: The party fights off a raid by the Tacharim, a group of evil knights who think attaching parts of modrons to their armor would look cool.

Try to show them, rather than tell them. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. When on the March, modron death is met with promotion from within the ranks of the March.


It cannot ever wear armour, manipulate solid objects, or enter water or other liquids. They seem so rigid in terms of their dynamics and difficult to develop without them seeming like automatons. This ultimate promotion would be sought by their efforts to slay as many chaotic creatures as possibleā€¦and they’d immediately judge Primus’s slayers as both irredeemably chaotic and more highly valued than any other quarry.

Great Modron March 5e Conversion

Greg takes a moment to thank the listeners for sticking around all year long! The party must infiltrate the Rendering Works and stop the Tacharim. Though attacks on the March are common, they’re rarely successful. The second adventure The Unswerving Marh is for levels and is more for thinkers and diplomats.

Tyrants of the Nine Hells I read somewhere that it was fixed in a patch possibly only a fan patchbut on my unpatched dvd-rom version of the game it remains as “slating. Like any new setting, drip feed the information to the new players. Great Modron March 5e Conversion It’s awesome that you’re sharing this! Any insight from your experience? This bolt always strikes the ground where the mortai directs it, and can be miles in length.

Sunken Treasure: The Great Modron March

The Great Modron March Written by James C. And the adventure “The Great Modron March” features a long lost “friend” that was thought being and staying dead for the rest of eternety That alone makes it a very nice adventure.

I’ve heard it mentioned in various places, and it got geat wondering: Every years, the Avatar of Primus sends out a massive army of modrons on a reconnaissance mission, to march across the continent and return to Mechanus to report their findings. The “Great Modron March” refers to them all getting up and heading out, in an unstoppable wave of ambivalently mechanized destruction.

Q3 – following the last one, is there any BOOK i must-have? The party must save a nymph whose pool is contaminated by the March.


Great Modron March

The New World, Part 9: Much of the module is about trying to find out the dark of what’s going on [SPOILER]which isn’t actually revealed until the sequel module, Dead Gods, in which it turns out that an “undead” god, Tenebrous the shade of Orcus slew Primus and usurped his position, and began the march in an attempt to use the Modrons to find his lost wand In Chapter 14, there’s a chance you discover some modrons who got lost on the Great Modron March, and have been down here in the Underdark ever since, trying to find a way out.

Whether you’re used to running dungeon crawls, political games or urban settings, Planescape can modrn all of that and more.

Once the players get a feel for the Rule of Three, Centre of All, Unity of Rings and have an idea of what is likely to happen on the planes – then and in my opinion only then will they feel disturbed enough by the Modron marching at the wrong time to bother to investigate. Though agreements have been made about the chosen path between marches, once the march begins they cannot be diverted from the path that has been determined for them before their outset.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, “Nirvana” has a fairly specific connotation that involves stage-diving into drum kits, the image of a baby swimming after a dollar bill, and true rock-‘n’-roll endings in other words, not happy ones. Half-Machine Template – Guile’s World.