Hans Monderman, father of the Shared Space movement, argued that reducing traffic regulations can improve road safety. Statistics prove him right, but not. proach to traffic engineering. Shared space schemes started in the Nether- Emma Clarke talks to Hans Monderman and to Ben Hamilton Baillie, an urban. Under the label of ‘shared space’, a radically different approach to street design, traffic flow and road .. with the street. The late Hans Monderman’s last scheme.

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One of the better known of Monderman’s accomplishments is the Dutch Woonerfor “Living Street” project, which originated from a basically unplanned citizen initiative in Delft in Archived from the original shard 18 November The Directorate-General for Public Works is hesitant.

Allan Quimby, James Castle. Quantitative analysis of pre-implementation data” PDF. The attitudes, perceptions and concerns of pedestrians and vulnerable road users to shared space: The Holmes report also noted serious issues for wheelchair users “Respondents who used wheelchairs stated that it was virtually impossible to locate a safe crossing point on roads with shared space.

Retrieved 3 February This case study demonstrates how shared street models, such hxns living and naked streets, provide an outcome that can be beneficial to both pedestrians and vehicles. Is it pie-in-the-sky, or does it really work? As the saying goes, a prophet is without honour in his own country.

His early career as a civil engineer building roads was followed by work as an accident investigator. New street furniture and features have been added, such as wooden benches and trees. He was born in Leeuwarden, Friesland, the son of a headteacher, and retained a passionate enthusiasm for knowledge and teaching throughout his life.


Hans Monderman

Hahs whole space became a cobblestoned public square with no pavements. The Sydney Morning Herald. Since she has been writing for newspapers such as de Volkskrant and Het Parool and for a variety of magazines and websites in the Netherlands. One of project’s goals was to improve road safety in the town.

Hans Monderman – Streets without Cars

In his philosophy was developed into the four-year European Shared Space project. Though much in demand as a pioneering expert in the field for over 25 years, at home Monderman often had the sense of being seen as eccentric or simply a troublemaker.

Retrieved 25 January Hans Monderman and others have suggested that, by creating a greater sense of uncertainty and making it unclear who has priority, drivers will reduce their speed, in turn reducing the dominance of vehicles, reducing road casualty rates, and improving safety for other road users.

In West Palm Beach, Floridaremoval of traffic signals and road markings moonderman pedestrians into much closer contact with cars. Makkinga was the first community to introduce the concept of Shared Space inand probably the only place in the world with a total absence of traffic signs, road markings, parking meters and pedestrian crossings. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Shared space. Monderman’s work suddenly became the focus of attention for professionals, politicians, researchers and journalists from around the world.

Space for People, Not for Cars

He was a long-time advocate of reducing rules and increasing personal responsibility. Shared surfaceswhich are generally used in shared space schemes, can cause concern for the blind and partially sighted who cannot visually negotiate their way with other hqns users, as the lack of separation implicit in these features has also removed their safe space.

The living street and naked street models are examples of alternative street sspace aimed at developing streets as public shared spaces which are safer, more social and pedestrian-focused.


Brighton City Council transformed the whole of New Road, adjacent to the Royal Pavilion, into a fully shared space designed by Landscape Projects and Gehl Architects, with no delineation of the carriageway except for subtle changes in materials.

Shared space is an urban design approach that minimises the segregation between modes of road user. In the first three years after the redevelopment there was one minor personal injury accident, compared to mondeeman incidents in each of the three years leading up to the project.

And Shared Space has also begun springing up elsewhere in the country. There is a traffic sign at the entrance to the town that reads Verkeersbordvrijmeaning “free of traffic signs”.

Retrieved 1 October The stately old court building now looks directly onto the new Fries Museum and, to the left, onto a new row of shops, cafe terraces, and restaurants, gans the apartments above them.

Obituary: Hans Monderman | Global | The Guardian

In the past thirty years, naked streets have successfully been applied around the world. In PoyntonCheshire, it was found that as shxred as providing significant safety improvements, and regenerating the retail and social centre, the road capacity was not reduced after the redevelopment of a busy junction in the town incorporated shared space elements.

This raised important questions about the role of the state and regulation, and its effect on social behaviour and collective responsibility. Opposition groups argue that the plans are unsafe for children and disabled people.

This has been xpace by the restoration of the Coalbrookdale fountain in its centre.