Hayduke Lives! has ratings and reviews. Geoff said: The follow-up to the eco-warrior’s bible The Monkey-Wrench Gang has our heroes once again c. Hayduke Lives! In a way it was fun to meet Hayduke and the Gang again but this book is not as well written as The Monkey-Wrench Gang and a bit too long. Then, George Hayduke reappears–visible at first only in random acts of terrorism against a giant fuels conglomerate that seeks to mine.

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Monkey Wrench Gang 2 by Edward Abbey. Naturally, they get their heads busted. A Novel by Edward AbbeyHardcover 2 product ratings 5. Women get their heads bashed in by cops. Jul 28, Gary Letham rated it liked it.

We also meet a bunch of Earth First! The civil disobeyers flask signs, butts and bullets to stop the attack on Nature.

Hayduke Lives! (Monkey Wrench Gang, #2) by Edward Abbey

The plot begins four-fifths of the way in. Frat boys would find it too sophomoric. Jun 28, J Bjo rated it liked it. Or, as the “author’s warning” notes:. Hayduoe then there are these intrusions by some dolt called the “author”–“She wore–but who cares except the author? Other books in the series. Children scream in terror.


Hayduke Lives! : A Novel by Edward Abbey (1990, Hardcover)

Return to Book Page. If you liked MWG get stoked.

Now winding down their last few months of probation from their criminally adventurous, tractor-burning, bridge-blowing days as members of George’s famed Monkey Wrench Gang are Seldom Seen Smith, A. A sequel to the Monkey Wrench Gang, best read together, I think.

I laughed out loud reading this book–not the least at Abbey’s periodic appearance in the text as “that seedy old buzzard from nowhere who called himself ‘a literary journalist’ and sometimes appeared at events like this, listening carefully, nodding, smiling, deaf as a stump, taking notes, getting his facts wrong but interviewing the prettier women at exhaustive length, exploiting public bravery for private profit and calling it.

May 31, Ian Davies rated it it was ok. I can only take so many adjectives describing one of Hayduke’s hideouts or so many nouns to capture the word for an oil drilling machine. When three would of been sufficient he used When your sexy several story several thousand ton excavation equipment is crushing the life out of turtles it’s hard to see the sweet side. Half a million copies of his book, “The Monkey Wrench Gang,” have been sold, and I want to set its many readers at ease right now: Want to Read saving….

Sep 05, Jason rated it liked it. I wandered non-lonely with Hayduke and his Monkey Wrech Gang henchmen and women. Four men die in this book and the blood is real. The characters are slightly tweaked, but retain most of their original qualities. Flashes of brilliance in the book are few and far between. They bewail the fate of man and his planet in new ways for us, like lonesome cowboys sitting up on far ridges crying to a full moon.


Now presumed dead by all who stalked him, whereabouts unknown to those who knew him best Even better and more radical than MWG.

Too many loose ends at times. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. He’s also great at character descriptions. Knowing Abbey, one can sense that he is willing the earth itself to open up and swallow the machines of man that make its surface tremble. Skip to main content. The team, don’t really become the team again until the very end and the added characters didn’t add as much as the author seems to have intended.