Heatcraft Refrigeration product brochures, technical handbooks and installation Sales Brochures · Catalogs & Price Lists · Installation and Operations Manuals . Title: Heatcraft AUS Product Catalogue, Author: Kirby HVAC&R Pty Ltd, Name: Heatcraft AUS Product Catalogue, Length: pages, Page: 1. Title: Heatcraft Tool Sale catalogue , Author: Kirby HVAC&R Pty Ltd, Name: Heatcraft Tool Sale catalogue , Length: 12 pages, Page.

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It is possible to select 3 other intermediate speeds depending on noise level requirements refer to the table opposite.

M Axial fans 12 mm NW Avoid circulation of hot air during defrost cycles. EGU Glycol water extension please contact us for details.

Refrigeration Innovation

Interlink Brochures InterLINK offers a selection of driers, sight glasses, solenoid valves, electronic controls and monitoring solutions that are priced to leave money in your pocket. Refer to the correction chart for selection of a low-speed unit. Central kitchens Advantages Installation The KRS cassettes are delivered with a condensate discharge pump with float switching device.

CO2 R optimization please contact us for details. NEOSTAR silence Listen to the silence The “Silence” range is perfectly adapted to city centre commercial applications and all other applications where quiet operation is a key factor. EEK Drain pan electric defrost. Simple transformation into a wall-mounted model.

Pack 1 Pack 2 Pack 3 1-year warranty parts and labour excluding refrigerant 2-year warranty parts and labour excluding refrigerant 3-year warranty parts and labour excluding refrigerant To validate this pack, we propose a support contract during commissioning of ueatcraft equipment.


Use of E1K kit compulsory. NK – Cubic industrial unit cooler. The expansion valve may be supplied factory pre-fitted option DMas well as fully equipped option EEC to catslogue reduce installation time. VAT unit price with options: KRS 1 refrigeration cassette encased in the false ceiling.

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The compressor technology, – SH semi-hermetic piston – or Sc Scroll. The condenser is indeed built as modules around W-shaped micro-channels coils for easy installation in confined spaces. Environmental impact Reduction of direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions Actual and forthcoming legislative constraints Tax on the refrigerant amount of refrigeration systems depending on the country.

Selecting a good quality compressor, such as a Dorin SemiHermetic, and maintaining regular servicing will deliver optimum performance and efficiency over the life of the refrigeration system.

The power rating of this unit may be as high as 1, kW! Heatcraftreservesitselftherighttomakechangesatanytimewithoutpreliminarynotice-Photosnon-contractual Compressor rack Other configurations Specially adapted to suit dimensional, acoustic and energy efficiency constraints.

MM5 Single-phase V 50 Hz fan.

EVH Oil return solenoid valve. External-rotor, axial fans require no specific maintenance. Two installation positions, vertical air or horizontal air, with four blower outlet directions possible heatcrraft be specified when ordering: EC motor-fan units are also used to help reduce the noise level.

Choose Heatcraft commercial refrigeration control boards and digital controllers to keep your refrigerators’ and freezers’ systems working properly. HGB Hot gas defrost coil only.


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WCO Glycol water, coolant hratcraft contact us for details. Heatcraft Fans and Fan Blades Heatcraft fans and fan blades keep your refrigerator and freezer motors from overheating to prevent the appliances from malfunctioning.

An additional protection is provided with a special coating on the coils. Restaurant Dinnerware Shop All. GPC Condenser protection guard. Miscellaneous ECB Full crate catlogue. Advantages Installation Possibility of supplying a connection kit option EGK for the glycol water model to render installation easier.

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Oversized condenser for applications with high ambient temperatures. This option is always proposed with the controller wired: Training in the use of Heatcrwft equipment.

Item 1 Propeller Model: Semi-hermetic compressor – Sc: MHI Brochures MHI Group offers a wide range of versatile and energy-efficient air conditioning systems for cooling and heating residential, heattcraft, and industrial environments. The control function ensures safe operation of a unit in relation to another unit: Reduced structural frame needs.

To validate this pack, we propose a support contract during commissioning of our equipment as well as an efficiency check.