And Still They Fly!: The Henoch Prophecies [AND STILL THEY FLY 2/E] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for And Still They Fly!: The Henoch Prophecies [AND STILL THEY FLY 2/E] at Read honest and. Regarding the future of the USA. In Part 1 of this new interview series, former Navy Seal, Bob Wiegand, and Michael Horn discuss the prophetic.

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This is where the time line comes into the picture. Guido and I were talking about henohc prehistoric people, respectively the Stone Age people, and there, the question arose as to when these had actually come so far that they banded together in larger groups and when these or their descendants built the first smaller and larger settlements, smaller or larger kraals or small villages, etc.

It must be sufficient for you that you now know his date of death, but you must not mention it before it has occurred.

At the same time, a war will shake Italy and claim many human lives as well as cause great destruction. The crew did not consist of natural human life forms but of human androids of a bioorganic nature, which means that they were artificial human androids, which the US-Army also got a hold of, some living and some dead, and these were secretly kept in secret stations.

Sowohl Regierungen wie auch Zeitungen und Radiostationen wurden von mir informiert, so aber auch TV-Sender und viele private Personen weltweit. And so they should neither aspire after them prophrcies try to be like them, and devote neither their time, their work and efforts nor prohpecies initiative and lives to them, as well. This will be at the time that tremendous natural disasters will hit Italy and its people, causing jenoch hardship. So today’s mole is prohpecies nothing other than a predator, albeit a small predator that only eats worms, beetles, larvae, and so on.

The people will be completely powerless against all this and will live through days of Hell on Earth, suffering hunger and plagues which will claim even more lives than the war pfophecies. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. For all these acts of war from France, the weapons of mass destruction, stored there, will be used and cause fierce devastation, prophefies and annihilation. These were actually the most powerful predators that lived at the same time with the Hyaenodonts, which disappeared even before the Entelodonts.


Such sites are known to us on Earth, hneoch they exhibit an age ofand of ,and 1, years. Billy Then we both are just sick in the same hospital, if you know what I mean. It must still be stated that the Russian attack will occur during the summer, in fact, starting from Arhangelsk.

Oktober Kontaktzeit Then, after a certain time, the people will rise up against the aggressors and invaders, consequently a Europe-wide struggle for liberation will break out. Add both to Cart Add both to List. Stevens said he took notes and over the months that followed follow it all comes true, exactly hench Meier told him. In this contact Billy Meier met with a Pleiadian extra-terrestrial named Ptaah. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews.

Contact Report 215

But this means that every person must strive for his advancement through every personal responsibility, and society must also make that possible for him. Below Arosa, GR Post office.

But this will not lead to rest, because the new Russia will continue its longstanding conflict with China over Inner Mongolia, with the result that Russia will lose a portion of this territory to China.

ComiXology Thousands of Digital Propheciez. Governments and newspapers, radio stations as well as TV stations and many private persons worldwide were informed by me. Bertschinger Signed in hand writing.

Damit wird jedoch nicht genug sein, denn die biologischen Bomben und Raketen usw. Billy answers that if his calculations are correct, and he correctly describe the place, then it has to be the Pope’s summer residence, Castel Gandolfo.

Also, we came to the first, respectively the left-over and subsequent animals, specifically speaking of the mammals that occupied the Earth after the extinction of the dinosaurs. Nun, du hast trotz meiner Ermahnung das Todesdatum von Francesco Franco in einem Brief niedergeschrieben und diesen wohlversiegelt in einem Ort namens Arosa zur Post gebracht, adressiert an Herrn Hans Jacob.

And it will be that the fanatics of Islam will rise up against the countries of Europe and all will shake and quiver. The point in time at which these prophecies will begin to be fulfilled will be when a Pope will no longer reside in Rome.


The Henoch Prophecies – WW III

However, most of the evil will be brought about by politics. Precise answers are always based on a precise specification of the questions. Ships from and sold by MSezMedia1. With respect to that, I am not allowed to give an open answer, since you write down the conversation report when you later retrieve it from our recording devices.

Dann sind wir beide eben im gleichen Spital krank, wenn du verstehst was ich meine. And the fanatics and warriors of Islam prohpecies retain their power for a long time. This means that there is very well a capacity for development of the consciousness form, through which ideas are created and thought processes can take place, which are creative, inventive, and progressive and, thus, capable of being developed, but all of this just deals with conscious instinct, and nothing concerns conscious evolution.

The consciousness of many human beings will become impaired and succumb to feeblemindedness and insanity. But that will not be enough, and, in the guise of a so-called peaceful globalisation, American politics will aspire to gain absolute control of the world concerning supremacy in economy.

After him, only one additional pontificate will follow. When the 6 th of August came Billy was spending most of the day resting on the sofa as he had got propecies flu according to Lt. The reasons for this will be manifold.

Du hast nun aber etwas anderes gesagt. Die irdische Entwicklungsstrategie resp. Auch kamen wir auf die ersten resp.

Also concerning genetic technology, enormous misuse will occur, because this will be unrestrainedly exploited for the purposes of war, not lastly due to the cloning of human beings for warring purposes, as this was practiced in ancient times with the descendants of Henoch in the regions of Sirius.

Prophecies are always only based on certain causes, from which in turn certain effects result, whereby these effects, however, can be changed at any time, if already the preceding causes are changed in their form.