HomeSeer | 10 Commerce Park North, Unit 10 | Bedford, NH | HomeSeer. com | Doc: Consult your controller manual if you’re unsure how to do this. This user’s guide is for use with Version or later of the HomeSeer software . This guide was last updated November 10, If you are an experienced. This getting started guide is for use with the HSPRO version of the HomeSeer HomeSeer is an advanced home automation package designed to take full.

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This allowed the cameras to be viewed with the HSTouch mobile app. Some manufacturers mznual fail to exclude the device during testing so the device may already be connected to their test network. Only the Always-On nodes can.

Exclusive Update – HomeSeer Technologies”. Only the EZMultipli in the office and the one in the garage will send us a text when the home is in Away mode. Once the unit is set up ,anual will want to access the web interface to set the system up.

Note that I also turn the light off at sunrise just to be sure its off during the daytime.

HomeSeer systems are designed to integrate with the following technologies and products using a mixture of native and 3rd-party drivers plug-ins:. Since Z-NET works over a network connection, it can be placed nearly anywhere in the home and may also be used in outbuildings, vacation homes or other secondary residences.

Many sensors have other Association Groups or Configuration Parameters that will let you specify the frequency of sensor readings.

An open API coupled with a freely available SDK was added to encourage 3rd party development of plug-in drivers for support of additional technologies and products.

Now I was miles away and had to suffer with this system for nearly a year before my next visit to Florida. You have to either put the sensor up on a higher outlet or in mqnual room that pets are not allowed in when you need to detect if a burglar is in your home. Use this value in collaboration with HomeSeer Timers to vary the off homedeer based on the time of day. Don’t have an account?


After nearly 2 months the system just suddenly started sending me the daily emails again. The node will remember the Last Working Route and try that one first for the next message. But at dinner time you want a much longer timeout of 30 minutes to prevent HomeSeer from turning the lights off at the dinner table while you are eating dinner.

He was unable to get up.

HomeSeer User’s Guide

And they wondered why the connection to the lock was unreliable when the hub was at the far end of the building! HomeSeer HS3 is my favorite smart home software. So the people have to be moving within range of the sensor otherwise the lights will turn off while they manula still in the room! Ah… that is a problem and not every device can solve every problem.

HomeSeer HomeTroller S6 Quick Start Manual

Retrieved 18 Ho,eseer All of these protocols require a plug-in to be installed. The EMTs were called and he was taken to the hospital. In my case we always close off our home office from the pets during the day when we are not home.

Software is at the core of every system produced by HomeSeer. Now the system was reliable and did not false trigger. HomeSeer has several platforms so the precise method might be slightly different than shown here. That seemed like an odd time for him to not get up so I tried to call him.


Some locations like hallways will have to use a battery-powered motion sensor because the sensor has to be in just the right place and there are no outlets in that place. All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from April Articles with permanently dead external links Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia Articles created via the Article Wizard.

Each hub has a different method for removing dead nodes and homeweer requires going into an advanced Z-Wave menu. He enjoyed being warm in Florida and he was happy and I was confident that my Z-Wave system would alert me to any major problems which it did. Excluding the node should reset it to the factory fresh state. Views Read Edit View history.


Support & Service Options

Unlike the PRO, the original HomeTroller was equipped with a conventional mechanical hard drive, active cooling with fans and embedded HS2 software.

Since he typically would manuual up several times each night, my 5 hour time limit rarely false-triggered. The new features for the 2. With only 3 nodes in the Z-Wave network I violated one of the key rules of a mesh network — always have more than two routes to every device.

Why 10 minutes and not 5? A companion program, HSTouch Designerwas also released for those who wished to customize the mobile app with their own screen designs and graphics.

First you must register the unit. The Vera version shown here is UI7. Your HomeTroller S6 is ready to put you in control of your home. Never worry about the batteries dying since EZMultiPli is wall powered. HomeSeer makes home automation controllers and software, designed to integrate lighting, HVACsecurity, AV and other subsystems in most homes.

Vera has several versions of their UI but each of them has a similar menu structure so these instructions should work on any version. All of the Z-Wave manuxl just plug in with no wiring, no batteries and everything pretty much plug-and-play.

Indriver support was added to HS1 for Z-Wavea wireless mesh network technology. Enter text from picture: On my next visit I put the entire system on a power strip that my father could reach so he could reset the system. Automatic camera support was designed to automatically detect and configure settings for Foscam brand IP cameras. If someone broke in or if he fell no one would know potentially for weeks. Please take a few.

Please take a few minutes to read through this guide to familiarize yourself with the steps required to set up your Z-Wave network and your HomeTroller.