Nov 15, Telecommand & Telemetry System Security Design Study. (TT3S) .. Integrating Telecommand Decoding and Security. Honeywell ASIC. Oct 18, The telemetry/telecommand module is coupled to the ground control station and is configured to download onboard data from the unmanned. One product that is compatible with both. VISTA, Omni, and selected Sierra panels. • One product with multiple language support. The languages selectable in.

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Based on the data received from the UAV, the GCS receive unit may also transmit a telecommand to the UAV, adjust the antenna through the antenna control based on the movement of the UAV, display statuses of the UAV such as position, roll, honetwell, and yaw data, and store data from the UAV for future analysis. The packets are placed into these categories honegwell upon the information contained in these packets.

Synonyms teelecommand antonyms of telecommand in the English dictionary of synonyms. The system of claim 1, further comprising a video database and display coupled to said ground control station, said video database to store video data received from said unmanned air vehicle in real time, and said display to display said stored video data. The low noise amplifier is connected to a telemetry receiverwhich in turn is coupled to a bit synchronizer The on board video system interacts with the camera for collecting the video data and also for controlling camera parameters such as zooming in or out.


A number of figures show block diagrams of systems and apparatus for an architecture for a ground control system for an unmanned air vehicle, in accordance with embodiments of the invention. It displays the status of the UAV on a display unit that hlneywell part of the HMI based on data received from the telemetry systemand generates a waypoint file from the FMS interface LVDS synchronous data ports with auto detection.

A pilot interacts with the REAT controller through a keyboard, joystick, mouse, or other input device Telecommxnd offers a family of flexible high efficiency downlink products to the space market.


The transmitted video information is received at the ground station where it serves as input to the ground video display software. In the safe mode, confirmation by the pilot is required before a command is accepted by the UAV.

The system of claim 9, where said command line control comprises a command serial number, a timestamp for a command, a command description, and a command state. In the shared mode, the GCS is given the option to control the UAV either through the autonomous mode honeywwll the manual mode. The command activity is done remotely so it is yoneywell called a telecommand.

In an embodiment, a ground control station addresses some of the shortcomings of an autonomous flight mode of an unmanned air vehicle UAV system by providing for remote piloting of the UAV. Please read these updated terms. The user control system is responsible for generating control commands required for the remote piloting of the UAV The telemetry module is coupled to the ground control station and is configured to download onboard data from the unmanned air vehicle to the ground station, and further is configured to upload commands from honeydell ground station to the unmanned air vehicle.

Downlink Subsystems

The ground video receiver RF transceiver functions as a conduit for the transfer of this video data to the ground video control system The system of claim 11, wherein said receive unit comprises: The actions implemented for these control commands are reflected in the corresponding control panels of the GUIafter the on board system sends an acknowledgment for these commands.

The subsystem includes an innovative downlink transmitter with flexible coding modulation and output power. The product architecture is based in an innovative design approach that uses flexible Software-defined radio SDR functionality and has been optimized for small to medium size missions that demand high data rates telecommaand established PA standards.

The packet sequencing defines different types of sequencing of packets in a frame.

Alternatively, the features or operations of embodiments of the invention are performed by specific hardware components which contain hard-wired logic for performing the operations, or by any combination of programmed data processing components and specific hardware components. An embodiment of the receive unit is illustrated in FIG.

It is a keyboard control system for controlling the UAV The GCS includes the telemetry and telecommand subsystems, the RF subsystem, the ground management unit, the antenna control module, the display, and the manual control unit input. Honeywel, on board video system interacts with the UAV video camera and transfers the video data collected by the camera to the video communication system. The ground video system reads the data honeywe,l the video receiver, displays the video data for viewing by the ground pilot, and facilitates image processing of the video data.


Such information may include attitude data, health status, payload information, and flight information. Systems and methods of redistribution of articles of commerce.


Some of the main features that this product offers are: The system of claim 1, wherein said unmanned air vehicle comprises on board avionics further comprising a flight management system and televommand flight control system. Upon the selection of a command, the command is sent as a telecommand, and the command status is reported in the command state as illustrated in FIG.

The RF subsystem directly controls the actuators. The standard definition of telecommand1 is the “use of telecommunication for the transmission of signals to initiate, modify, or terminate functions of equipment at a The control commands are honeywelk to the on board system by means of the telecommands.

Such a ground control station for remote piloting may not only prevent disasters involving the UAV, but it may also allow the maintenance of UAV flight information. The display may include graphical telecomamnd numerical representations of the roll, pitch, and yaw, attitude data, current position of the UAV, FMS related displays, raw sensor data, health data, and fuel status.

It is intended to cover all alternatives, modifications and equivalents as may be included within the scope of the invention as defined in the appended claims. The GCS facilitates camera operations through the applications interface The RF subsystem works independently of the on board system.

The GCS includes two modules—the receive unit and the transmit unit. The GCS software system provides a variety of functions.