Hughes AK Sound Retrieval System. add a review I have two AK- ‘s, one working, one not. I would very much like to obtain a PDF. Title: Hughes AK SRS Audio Magazine Review, Author: Ty chamberlain, Name: Hughes AK SRS Audio Magazine Review, Length: 4 pages, Page: 1, . Description. Find A Used Hughes AK HUGHES AK SOUND RETRIEVAL SYSTEM. The Hughes AK Sound Retrieval System.

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I’ll post some pics later but for now I was hoping that those who are familiar with it could answer a few questions.

But I’ll tell you that it does work very well. This item doesn’t belong on this page. Discussion in ‘ General Audio Discussion ‘ started by archie2Feb 25, Can be placed between the pre-amp output and the main-amp input if you receiver allows such connectionsso that’s how i placed it on ak1000 Marantz SR receiver.

It matches up pretty well with the NAD reciever.

Lot of the algorithms used are emulated in the software version you see in media players and plugins. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Does it work better with Music or for Home Theater? I have one coming to play with. The AK may reproduce low frequency rumbling.


I have a similar unit. Can still be looped thru your receivers tape-monitor circuit for same affect output from the speakers. I found that bughes true with the center control.

Do you really get 3-D sound out of 2 speakers? Home Audio Surround Sound Processors. Each control has a center detente, which I found was a good place to begin when setting up the AK for any kind of musical program. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Aside from the other aural cues, such as time of arrival and relative sound intensity at each ear once thought to be the only elements involved in stereo perceptionwe use this transfer function to zero in on the directions from which sounds emanate.

Show More Show Less. Home Audio Surround Sound Processors 5. Indeed it is a toy.

SRS takes into account the varying transfer function of human ears and hearing in a continuous and dynamic manner. For FM and old cassettes, it can help. Early impression is it is very good addition to the system. I did pick one up and will be installing it shortly to see if it makes a difference in imaging. The dreams of yesterday To make the impossible possible. Exit 5 on the Jersey Turnpike. Any ideas as to what speakers work best with it? It employs no artificial reverberation, and neither does it use harmonic generation or artificial phase correction alteration.


Hughes AK SRS component – Audio Asylum Trader

I use mine almost all of the time. Log in or Sign up. I’ve got one, and just route it through a tape loop. If you are looking for that massive stereo sound, and are finding that your plug ins just are doing the trick, hit us up.

Hughes AK-100

That was a form of ambiance enhancement. SRS is based on certain principles of human hearing that have been explored by Hughes researchers and others over the years. Because of the SDA technology built into the speakers, I keep the on its lowest settings to keep from getting “overkill” on the dimensional effect.

Toasted AlmondFeb 26, Which unit do you have? The real test of any post processing is if you can’t listen without it. WolverineMar 29,