The Ilulissat Declaration was adopted by the five Arctic nations with borders on the Arctic Ocean (Denmark, Norway, Canada, the Russian. “With the Ilulissat Declaration from May , the coastal States bordering the Arctic Ocean agreed to maintain the Arctic as a low-tension. The outcome was the two-page Ilulissat Declaration. You can download a copy at the Danish Foreign Ministry website: Conference in Ilulissat, Greenland.

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The declaration recognizes that the Arctic Ocean is a ilulissta ecosystem threatened by climate change and the signatories vowed to strengthen existing measures and to develop new measures of protection. Because on that date, the conference venue was already booked by someone else.

Rising tensions between the West and post-Crimea Russia mean that the Western countries are carefully observing the Russian regional military build up and that Russian official rhetoric concerning the Arctic is received ilulissay scepticism.

The Ilulissat Declaration was a Danish and Greenlandic initiative and in consequence, it is only natural that it is the Danes who are reminding the other signatories of the common goals agreed upon. Send mail Close mail form Fill out the form to send a mail with a link to the current page: The Ilulissat Declaration has thus been declaraation to the success of cooperation in the Arctic.

Home Community Analysis Ilulissat Two: Outrageous attempts to make demands on the Arctic Ocean region should be a thing of the past”.

Ilulissat Declaration

All emphasize that regional cooperation within science and technology, and search and rescue is desirable and mutually beneficial; and as members of the Arctic Council, the states signed the Agreement on Enhancing International Arctic Scientific Cooperation in and the Arctic Search and Rescue Agreement in View the discussion thread. We can be very pleased that we managed to maintain the dialogue and the cooperation in the Arctic.


More than just peace Which indicates of course that there is more to it than peace. On the first day, sustainable economic development was on top of the agenda.

These three states are therefore not a party to the Ilulissat Declaration. The high-level meeting will also focus on sustainable economic development. Cookie Summary About Cookies.

The year anniversary of the Ilulissat Declaration is celebrated in Greenland this week.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Ten ilulisst on it is still hailed as an important scaffold for peace, cooperation and the international order in the Arctic. Norway was perturbed, since it had planned its own initiative, which the Danes basically steamrolled. The region is getting more accessible and shipping and trade is in consequence thriving.

Participants are invited on a case study tour through Ilulissat Icefjord to Ilimanaq village. The Arctic order remains in flux as different actors continue to debate and disagree on the fundamental institutional structure in the region.

Unlike ten years ago, representatives from the governments of Finland, Iceland and Sweden — who are not signatories to the declaration — are all present in Ilulissat these days. It is not the strong one who needs the law.

Ilulissat Declaration’s year anniversary

The purpose of the meeting is to affirm the support of the Arctic States to the principles of the declaration and to discuss the joint efforts for a peaceful and productive cooperation. Photo by Marlene Kempel Lehrmann Disclaimer: May 23 – That is why I, as the Danish Foreign Minister, think of a joint initiative. Declarattion three are full members of the Arctic Council, the preferred forum of the Arctic governments — but they were not invited to the Arctic Ocean Conference, as the meeting in was called.

In addition to the hosts, the meeting will have participation from ministers and representatives from the United States, the Russian Federation, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Arctic indigenous peoples. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Which indicates of course that there is more to it than peace.


The Ilulissat Declaration ten years on

And, of course, to the common understanding that the Arctic does not need any new global Arctic Treaty, U. Retrieved October 18, The five states also agreed to strengthen their cooperation in a range of areas, including economic development, scientific research, environmental protection and safety of navigation.

This is not an Arctic Council ministerial, nor are any new important agreements expected. After a long flight iluliissat Ilulissat, the delegations continued to nearby Ilimanaq where they had a smooth beginning in the picturesque surroundings. Retrieved from ” https: The conference was held in the small sports hall.

This page was last edited on 9 Octoberat The claim to the Edclaration Pole is intertwined with the continental shelf territorial dispute as the underwater ground is the key to control over the territory. In other parts of the world, the Arctic States are involved in critical conflicts on different sides. One of the chief goals written into the declaration was blockage of any “new comprehensive international legal regime to govern the Arctic Ocean”.

The Ilulissat Declaration was announced on May 28, by the five coastal states of the Arctic Ocean United States, Russia, Canada, Norway declration The Kingdom of Denmarkmeeting at the political level during the Arctic Ocean Conference in IlulissatGreenland to discuss the Arctic oceanclimate changethe protection of the marine environment, maritime safety, and division of emergency responsibilities if new shipping routes are opened.

O verall, the Ilulissat Declaration does indeed have merit today and the anniversary should be celebrated by all signatories in the coming year, See also [ edit ] Arctic portal.