Incipit lamentatio Jeremiae prophetae. composer. Gregorio Allegri (). SSAT; Lamentations I. author of text. Bible. Lamentations 1: ; First Lesson at. There are two sets of Lamentations by Allegri in the Sistine Chapel Archives, both scored modestly for four voices. The setting of the first Lamentation on Maundy. The Lamentations of Jeremiah the Prophet have been set by various composers. the announcements Incipit Lamentatio Ieremiae Prophetae (“Here begins the Lamentation of Jeremiah the Prophet”), and De Lamentatione Ieremiae.

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Facti sunt hostes ejus in capite, inimici ejus locupletati sunt, quia Dominus locutus est super eam propter multitudinem iniquitatum ejus; parvuli ejus ducti sunt in captivitatem ante faciem tribulantis. Not all the material on this website is in the public domain.

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Even the jackals give the breast and suckle their young, but the daughter of my people has become cruel, like the ostriches in the wilderness. The first, second, fourth, and fifth laments are each composed of twenty-two verses, to correspond with the number of letters in the Hebrew alphabet; the third lament is made up of three times twenty-two verses.

Facta est quasi vidua domina gentium; princeps provinciarum facta est sub tributo. The precious sons of Zion, worth their weight in fine gold, how they are reckoned as earthen pots, the work of a potter’s hands!

In the Greek and Latin Bibles there are five songs of lament bearing the name of Jeremiah, which follow the Book of the Prophecy of Jeremias. De excelso misit ignem in ossibus meis et erudivit me: Judah has departed because of torment and great slavery; she has dwelt among the heathen but has not found rest; all her pursuers seized her in her perplexity. Here begins the lamentation of Jeremiah the prophet. Jerusalem sinned grievously, therefore she became filthy; all who honored her despise her, for they have seen her nakedness; yea, she herself groans, and turns her face away.


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The Latin Vulgate Bible of Tallis’s day considered the Hebrew jncipit integral to the text, although most English translations of the Bible omit them. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. She that was a princess among the cities has become a vassal.

The group plays this piece only a couple of prophtae every two years, when they can get the instruments together. Incipit lamentatio Jeremiae prophetae composer. This page was last edited on 10 Mayat Vuil kleeft aan haar voeten: Retrieved from ” https: Please use the dropdown buttons to set lamentattio preferred options, or use the checkbox to accept the defaults. Migravit Judas propter afflictionem, et multitudinem servitutis; habitavit inter gentes, nec invenit requiem: Archived copy as title All stub articles.

To a man like Jeremiah, the day on which Jerusalem became a heap of ruins was not only a day of national misfortune, for, in a religious sense, Jerusalem had a peculiar importance in the history of salvation, as the footstool of Jahweh and as the scene of the revelation of God and of the Messias.

Al haar poorten incipi verwoest haar priesters weeklagen, haar meisjes rouwen, en zijzelf gaat gebukt onder bitterheid 1: Ach, hoe eenzaam zit zij neer, de stad vol mensen! The steadfast love of the Lord jrremiae ceases, his mercies never come to an end; 3: By night she weeps in sorrow and tears run down her cheeks. Filii Lamehtatio inclyti, et amicti auro primo: Parvuli ejus ducti sunt in captivitatem ante faciem tribulantis. What can I say for you, to what compare you, O daughter of Jerusalem?

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Our research has never had any government or institutional funding, so if you found the information here useful, please consider making a donation. For the liturgy for which the music was composed, see Tenebrae. Look and see if there is any sorrow like my sorrow which was brought upon me, which the Lord inflicted on the day of his fierce anger. In all five elegies the construction of the verses follows an alphabetical arrangement.


In the first, second, and fourth elegies each verse begins with a letter of the Hebrew alphabet, the letters following in order, as the first verse begins with ALEPH, the second with BETH etc.

Me minavit, et adduxit in tenebras, et non in lucem. Tallis’s settings happen to use successive verses, but the pieces are in fact independent even though performers generally sing both settings together.

How the gold has grown dim, how the pure gold is changed! The Lord determined to lay in ruins the wall of the daughter of Zion; he marked it off by the line; he restrained not his hand from destroying; he caused rampart and wall to lament, they languish together.

Plorans ploravit in nocte, et lacrimae eius in maxillis eius; non est qui consoletur eam, ex omnibus caris eius; omnes amici eius spreverunt eam, et facti sunt ei inimici. For the Biblical book itself, see Book of Lamentations.

Often the setting starts with the words Incipit lamentatio Ieremiae prophetae if the Vss are the first ones of one lamentation or De lamentatione Ieremiae prophetae if the Vss are not at the beginning of one lamentation.

Tantum in me vertit et convertit manum suam tota die.