Check out Indifférence (Valse Musette) by Delphine Lemoine on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD’s and MP3s now on 2 showing no care or concern in attitude or action; “indifferent to the sufferings of others”; “indifferent to her “Indifference ” a song in the Valse Musette style. Скачать mp3: “Indifference” Valse Musette, Accordion Solo on the Roland FR 1 . Reine de Walc Musette/French cafe music – Accordion/Akordeon. Все MP3.

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There was a discussion about Emile Vacher on melodeon.

From his ornamentation, students more knowledgeable than me reckon Vacher played the second type. They are able to play with a more legato musettte when needed, and have a greater fluency and range.

Some tunes I can play with relative ease, and there are other “bogey” tunes that have haunted me since day one, with often a single bar causing the problem. I have watched a video of the revered French accordionist and teacher, Armand Lassagne, chastise a pupil for not using his thumb on the outside row to achieve the best fingering position for the next passage. I know this is a much debated subject, and this is only the opinion of an amateur player. I was unable to apply the Anzaghi method successfully to French musette, and began to look for an alternative.

Jo Morage played a more “music teacher” style and you’ll see his pinky working overtime in this composition by Gus Viseur. Yet he did have formal training but seemed to have developed his own style.

Indifference by Tony Murena and musette – The Accordionists Forum

However, these days following a hand injury and slight loss of flexibility, I’m finding that my thumb is coming more and more back into use. Music Game full rules are on the original first post in its thread By the end of World War 2 some accordionists had grown tired of the traditional coarse musette accordions and began to specify a drier tuning for their instruments.


Mon Amant de Saint Jean is a French song from which was a huge success. He also damned those who used their right thumbs on the treble side saying that they would not achieve such a good technique. Wish him a bright future! After Indifcerence War 1 the chromatic accordion gradually began to oust the diatonic box from the bal musette, with its greater versatility.

Many people would disagree with me, but that’s my opinion.

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This list is based on my personal preferences, and obviously concentrates mainly on the big names. If you are playing a strict tempo Scottish dance tune with the obligatory mega chord intro and exit, or whatever symphony mjsette Beethoven’s you choose to undertake, and you make a mistake, then somebody will surely give you stick for your error.

Doesn’t matter what he plays, that dance tempo was rock solid throughout. The song was sung false Dean Martin which was the first hit and then covered by many singers. The song was composed by Angel Cabral with lyrics written by Michel Rivgauche. The musette is actually a type of bagpipe used in French folk music, and is a term also used in the French language to refer to a ijdifference rucksack, usually worn by military personnel.

One or two of the top players, most notably Aimable and Verchuren, persisted very successfully with the pure musette sound for many years, but the writing was on the wall for musette tuning in France.

[PDF] Indifference – Valse Musette – Spartito – Free Download PDF

Who is online Users browsing this forum: His method concentrated on making the pinky as strong as the other playing fingers, and teachers of the system adhered rigidly to his beliefs. Sous le ciel de Paris, ondifference the sky of Paris”, is a French film.


Just get your accordion, listen to a few versions, and play the tune however you want it to sound.

It was a diatonic, and what he learned on that proved to be invaluable to his later CBA playing. The historical material is very interesting, thank you. This is the forum for you! Valse Musette style composition of the ,usette musician Maurice.

A very pleasant guy, but he had an awkward style that was difficult to copy. I love listening to Jo Privat, Gus Visieur and Tony Murena, but it’s good to hear about other French accordion players from that period. And it is a MUST for all musette lovers.

Indifference (Tony Murena Cover) – Accordion sheet music

When he wrote and performed Indifference it was seen as a significant masterpiece, compared to the run of the mill tunes then being composed by the mainstream bal musette players. Accordionists like its fun melody though.

Firstly, to iron out a few anomalies, the term “French musette” is used to describe a style of accordion playing, and does not directly correspond to the tuning of the accordion used to play it. I wanted to ask, what for you makes a great musette performance? Curiously, though urged to modernise by colleagues he never really switched to CBA preferring the Mixte system.