ARGENTINE STANDARD IRAM * Third edition Modification N? is included in this printing Bipolar electrical. IRAM Argentina two pin plug power cord with IRAM marked rated up to 10A V built to IRAM standards and designed for Argentine power supply. 3) IRAM ). Plugs must be provided with a label containing information about the use of the plug. Local climate conditions. N/A.

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A case for intelligent This IRAM standard emerges from the technical consensus reached among the ira, parties involved, which, through their incumbent representatives, have acted in the corresponding Standard Study Organs. This corresponds to the review of IRAM standard For nominal voltage of up to Method to determine the resistance indexes and the electrical steering test under humid conditions.

Argentina IRAM 2063 Two Pin Plug Power Cord

IEC — Plugs and sockets for househould or similar use. The issues stated were valid at the time of this publication. As any other standard, it 20633 subject to review and for those who make agreements based on this standard, it is advisable to analyse whether the use of more recent issues of the following standards is convenient.

The IRAM holds information on the currently valid standards. Single, double, and multiple sample with rejection. Movable accesory with 203 pins, which is used to temporarily connect a consuming device to a fix or mobile outlet. For compound plugs, the terminals will enable the connection of flexible conductors with a section from 0.


The tests for the fastening device will be 3. The plugs will comply with all applying terms specified in IRAM In case wires with special shapes are used, the features of the fastening iiram will be previously agreed on, having to comply with all applicable tests specified in this standard.

IRAM Argentina Custom Power Cords

The plug will have a shape suitable to allow its easy manual plugging and unplugging, so that it can be 4. Figure 2 a 4. The distance between the parts under voltage with a different polarity and between the metallic parts not conducting current will not be lower than 3 mm. The distance between parts under voltage with a different polarity and the external perimeter of the plug will be equal or higher than the necessary one to comply with the finger test trial specified in IRAMbut in no case it will be lower than 8 mm.

Layout and polarity 4. The insertion face of the plugs shall not present any protruding part other than the pin, when the plug has one of its conductors and is assembled for normal use, except the markings on relief with a maximum height of 0. The injected plugs shall comply with the tests established in The plug material will comply with all that has been established in The plugs tested according to 6.

For plugs with a proteccion rate higher than IP X1, once the test specified in 6. All units with the same model and having the features of one complying with 5.

IRAM Argentina power cords with Argentina certifications

On these specimens the compliance to conditions 4. The tests specified in this standard will be performed, unless otherwise stated, with iramm plug in the conditions for use, that is, with the corresponding conductors connected to the respective terminals. The non-destructive tests will be performed on 3 specimens and the destructive ones on the other 3.


If necessary, additional specimens will be used. Then a calibrator with a thickness of 0. 2036 contact layer will resist the Mnd mass without the pin detaching and, with Md mass the pin will detach before 5 s.

IRAM 2063 Argentina Custom Power Cords

The compliance is verified carrying out the tests specified in chapter 25 of the IEC Table 4 — Calibrator measurement for the verification of the standard outlet Type 10 A a mm 6. The circuit may be completed with a fuse or any other element protecting against 6. In the IRAM standard additional details are included regarding the way to carry out this test.

C, corresponding to a concentration of around 0. The number of drops necessary to produce the flow of current between the electrodes is allowed to fall. Plug and outlet for household use Commission Members Eng. Superficial dielectric rigidity steering. For plugs with a proteccion rate higher than IP OX, once the test specified in 6. For plugs with a proteccion rate higher than IP 0X, once the test specified in 6.