ISO addresses the definition and structuring of information that is communicated or referred to in communication between application entities. ISO/IEEE describes an IrDA-based, cable-connected local area network (LAN) for the interconnection of computers and medical devices and. The application of the Ethernet family (IEEE Std ) of protocols for use in medical device communication is addressed in ISO/IEEE

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They comprise a family of standards that can be layered together to provide connectivity optimized for the specific devices being interfaced. Guide — Guidelines for the use of RF wireless technology. Health informatics — PoC medical device communication — Part Through reports, which can be defined detailed down to the single object 11073, it is possible to trigger complex operations in Agent or Manager, through this services.

The central core of the standard is the so-called Domain Information Model. Transport profile — Infrared wireless. They provide automatic and detailed electronic data capture of client-related and vital signs information, and of device operational 11073.

A possible association and their condition is negotiated here, no MMOs are transmitted over this module. The objects in these package contain information, which are responsible for basic communication profiles. For Example, the Patient Archive object can store vital signs data, demographic data and treatment data in one object. As an example the RealTimeSampleArray object for the management of e.


Annotation by the author: Storing Patient related data in online or offline archives is the idea for objects in the archival package. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The package that defines objects, to map medical vital signs data. This enables an agent to act as a manager and reverse. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

This object contains patient related data and can be set in relationship to an MDS object or one of the io from the archive package, to give anonymous data the reference to patient data. One of these concrete derivations are ever the root object of a DIM tree.

The patient package contains only one object, the Patient Demographics object. ECG data be mentioned. February Learn how and when to remove this template message. The Battery object and the Clock object are further objects in this package.

Analytical instruments — Point-of-care test. Agents and manager are built in the same structure. This article should provide basic information, that can be described in more detail at a later time in a separate article.

Application profile — Base standard. The communication model describes the layers 5 to 7 of the OSI 7-layer model. Nomenclature — Implantable device, cardiac. This small package is related within the medical package. 110733

ISO/IEEE 11073

Transport profile — Cable connected amended. The standards are targeted at personal health and fitness devices such as glucose monitors, pulse oximeters, weighing scales, medication dispensers and activity monitors and at continuing and acute care devices such as pulse oximeters, ventilators and infusion pumps.


Within this, objects and their arrangement in a Domain Information Model for vital signs data transmission are defined. A complete session roundtrip starts up with the disconnected state, is transferred by multiple stages to the initialized state, in what the actual data transfer shall be done, and ends with the disconnected state. It provides the data.

Retrieved from ” https: Now the Agent creates a report, containing the requested values. The ieed draw upon earlier IEEE standards work, but differ from this earlier work due to an emphasis on devices for personal use rather than hospital use and a simpler communications model. During the association phase, the configuring state will be reached.

ISO/IEEE – Wikipedia

This package is built on so-called scanner objects in different derivations. Besides the plain agent-manager application, hybrid systems over multiple stages are possible.

In most use cases the manager is only used to remotely monitor and display agent data, but in some cases it may also remotely control the agents.