JAIMINI SUTRAS Part 1 CONTENTS Preliminary Observations: Geneology of Adhyaya 2, Pada 3-(Chapter 2, Part 3) Sthira Dasas, Navamsa Dasas. We have secondly Kalachakra Dasas and thelongevity given by them. some other karaka, If Kuja joins or aspects the 7th from Jaimini Sutras. However, when one reads P. S. Sastri’s translation of the Jaimini Sutras, Mr. Rao’s texts go the furthest in explaining how the Jaimini dasa systems work, and .

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Jaimini Sutras – Wikipedia

I learn best by taking notes and exploring the techniques. The series of posts I plan on sharing over the next 8 weeks will consider the main points learned during this course of study as well as example charts from my database to help illustrate the major points.

To get the most out of these notes, I highly advise Mr. They will provide ajimini solid foundation understanding in the basic principles in the Jaimini System.

There are rasi dashas that predict for longevity of which there are 5 and rashi dashas that predict for the manifestation of events and losses.

I will be sharing my notes specifically on the rasi dashas of Jaimini which deal with the manifestation and losses in our lives. There are 12 Jaimini rasi dashas that predict events other than longevity.

We need to consider the difference between Jaimini Rasi dashas and the Vimshottari dashas.


Vimshottari is a Nakshatra based system, which focuses on the placement of the Moon. This indicates that the Vimshottari system sugras primarily with our feelings of experiences that occur. The Jaimini dashas are rasi or sign based.


It deals with the movement of the Sun around the earth. This indicates the concrete manifestation of events because that is the correlation of the Rasi to our life experience.

Jaimini Vedic Astrology Notes Part 1

The Jaimini Dashas do not deal with how you feel about the situation, they show whether it occurs or not. Vimshottari deals with our consciousness. Jaimini Caranavamha dasha deals with the manifestation of the body or concrete event the sign represents.

We can see that the Vimshottari Dashas are Planetary and the Caranavamsa is sign based. The primary Jaimini dasha we want to consider is the Caranavamsa dasha.

To use the Caranavamsa dasa we have to know if a sign has the capacity to manifest. The signs that are rashi aspected Jupiter, Mercury or the lord of that house, is capable of manifesting that rashi and all that is associated with that rashi. Influences of these three on a sign is said to be a Source of Strength according to Jaimini. For example, if your dara karaka is in Cancer, or Venus is in Cancer, or your 7th bhava cusp is in Cancer, your spouse will manifest in a Cancerian way.

Full text of “JAIMINI SUTRAS”

When the Jaimini dasa of Cancer runs, and the sign of Cancer has strength from Jupiter, Mercury or its lord by rashi aspect we can expect the spouse to manifest during that time period. The four areas we want to consider to see what is going to manifest in each Dasxs dasha are the natural karaka, the cara karaka, the bhava cusp in the rashi, and the pada in the rashi.


When a sign is activated by Caranavamsha and is supported by the Jaimini Sources maimini strength, those things represented by the karakas, cusps and padas have the capacity to manifest. This applies to both the Rashi natal chart and the vargas.

How can we know how the concrete aspect of our life is going to manifest as represented by the areas of life activated? This is dependant on the nature of the planets rashi aspecting jai,ini sign in question.

Please refer back to my videos on planetary qualities for more information on this. The planets give the detail of how the particular spouse, career, physical body, vehicle, marriage, etc. JaiminiVimshottari Dasha. Mon, 27 Oct I look forward to reading everything you have to say about it as your way of thinking and explaining always brings even more light to whatever my current understanding is. Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

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