John elderfield is chief curator emeritus of painting and sculpture at the museum of modern art. The online edition of artforum international magazine. The plane. Grids feature in quite a number of exhibitions of abstract art currently on show. This is John Elderfield, ‘Grids’, Artforum, May More on. The grid in modern painting and algorithmic art. John Elderfield: “Grids,” Artforum 10 (May ), pp. Rosalind Krauss: “Grids,” October 9 (Summer .

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You could make the same sort of implication that people who do representational work rely on the comfort of the familiar. Elsewhere the grid is perspectival, playing an active role in allowing the objects pictured to exist in an organised and convincing space. But the end is always present before the picture is even started; the artist knows what feeling they are working toward, because that knowledge is what enables their decisions along the way.

At the time, the artist martin puryear, who is known elddrfield large, delicate sculptures made of wood, had a retrospective at moma, and one day ms. John elderfield born 25 april was chief elderifeld of painting and sculpture at the museum of modern art, new york, from to The mathematics is one part of the journey — and the journey elderfeild part of the painting.

Meisterwerke aus dem museum of modern art, new york exhibition catalogue.

For some reason I reponded to the role it has played and still continues to play…. Even the word strikes horror! Surely what we are really seeing is not a liberation of the body into the form of the grid, but in fact the imposition of the grid to such an extent that the body is forced into following its order.


We would like to show you a description here but the site wont allow us. The mathematical correlate of any non-empty shape grisd line-segment is a set of uncountably many points, and the coordinates of most of these points are irrational numbers which cannot be represented in a finite way.

As the experience of Mondrian amply demonstrates, development is precisely what the grid resists. I guess these things go in phases, and my sense at the moment is that geometry, symmetry, grids and suchlike have been done to death in recent times.

Some thoughts on Grids | Abstract Critical

Drawing and the line in literature and the visual arts eve. Hugo ball was the author of herman hesse, his life and work and flight out of time, his jobn diaries frompublished in german editions in Apologies to those who love grids, but I find them really boring.

Religion and the arts goldsmiths, university of london.

I have used grids in one way elderfieeld another for over 40 years, the Romans et gids used grids for much longer! UntitledLinda Karshan, pencil on paper, collection of the Courtauld Gallery, Courtesy the artist.

Each to their own. Composition en Losenge, The use of a grid as an integral and overt element of an image is often referred to as a relatively modern practice. Same thing with time, or music. One abstract artist I recently visited, who sees the grid as central to his work, admitted that he has been accused of using it as a crutch. John elderfield is chief curator emeritus of painting and sculpture at the museum of modern art.


Unified drawing through the use of hybrid pictorial elements and grids james w. I use it and it uses me….

John elderfield grids pdf

I know many people will testify to the intense pleasure they can get from Mondrian, or Judd. Interestingly much the same piece of disingenuousness can be seen elsewhere on abstract critical in the recent film in which Alan Gouk talks about his paintings.

Tom Moore, Beacon NY. Today, order is forced, authoritarian, militaristic. Met zijn gewone bewustzijn zit hij alles uit te rekenen. Flattened, geometricized, ordered, it is antinatural, antimimetic, antireal. Insofar as its order is that of pure relationship, the grid is a way of abrogating the claims of natural objects to have an order particular to themselves; the relationships in the aesthetic field are shown by the grid to be in a world apart and, with respect to natural objects, to be both prior and final.

Davis leonardo, volume 5, number 1, winterpp. Since the grid is an abstract concept, a Platonic form almost, it precedes all of its applications.