Joumana Haddad. Joumana Haddad (, Beirut) is a poet, translator and journalist. She is head of the cultural pages in prestigious An Nahar newspaper, . Joumana Haddad is a ferocious critic of sexism in Lebanon, and her erotic magazine has brought death threats. A new book is her fiercest. Joumana Haddad – foto Giorgio Pace. (Lebanon, ) is a poet, journalist, translator, editor and consultant. In her work she focuses on eroticism and the.

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I Killed Scheherazade has already been translated into six languages when we met, a fierce bidding war was being conducted in Brazil hwddad but not, yet, into Arabic. In this international poets’ programme four poets of stature talked to each other about their quest for words. Views Read Edit View history.

Joumana Haddad

And sometimes, there’s friends of mine who tell me that they’re both going to marry very traditional women. Why, he asked sorrowfully, can’t you use the word “column”?

I want to play an active role in coming up with solutions that would make the lives of Lebanese citizens better. But I do get up and try again. What message do you have for Lebanese women on International Women’s Day?

They think they know so I let them, and I happen. A conversation about their work, their political stand and literary commitment. Winternachten — Winternacht 2 Poetry and Politics A Lebanese and a Turkish writer, who, apart from being a poet and a writer, happen to be concerned columnists. By Nadine Mazloum Contributor. She speaks seven languages, including Spanish, and is preparing a doctorate thesis on the subject of poetic translation.


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Books were like bread in my daily life. In Julyshe was appointed honorary ambassador for culture and human rights for the city of Naples in the Mediterranean by the mayor of Naples Luigi de Magistris. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Naya is devoted to women of all generations — Naya Editor, Sally Farhat: I think if it were economically possible many people would jouana to do that.

Joumana Haddad, from muse to creator — IEMed

By using this site, jounana agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A writer who loves to be hated”. You cannot be a humanist without being a feminist and you cannot be a feminist without being a humanist.

Her forthcoming book is her first novel after numerous poetry collections, essays and other literary genres. Haddad has always been criticized for her controversial writing, and loud-spoken opinions on sexism, racism, confessionalism and discrimination in Lebanon. You need to go out there and claim it. The Daily Star Newspaper – Lebanon. I do believe that the last twenty years I had spent fighting for the causes I believe in, despite all jlumana obstacles that I have had to face, all the attacks that I have had to absorb, are a clear indication that I am a woman of actions and not a woman of words; that when I believe in something and plan a project, I deliver.


On stage it is the belly of literature speaking. Read the full of I Am A Woman. In an interview with The Guardianjiumana speaks of how she eventually got used to everything: Her mother is of Armenian extraction.

Written in forthright, aphoristic English she also speaks French, Arabic, Armenian, Spanish and Italian it is often frankly thrilling, because it carries the frisson of true risk, and of earned fury:.

In Lebanon the two routes for clever people were medicine or engineering, and so, although what she really wanted to do was write, she did a first degree in biological sciences — “but you know — poetry is a lot about science as well — it’s a lot about having a kind of rhythm and logic and structure in your head.

Winning starts right there, in your head. I do not obsess about my chances of winning.