NOTE: Everyone agrees that the minimum requirements of the Khutbah must be in Arabic. 1) How to Begin. –. Have the intention that you are going to give a. Recently, I was approached by a “Alim” who attended a Friday Khutbah I delivered. He wanted five minutes of my time to discuss my speech. 26 كانون الأول (ديسمبر) When the Khateeb begins his sermon, he should say the following words in Arabic (along with the English translation if the sermon will be in.

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There is no excuse if the Khutbah is in arabic or hindi or english. Abu Abdir Rahman Al-Sulami reports: The rule is that both khutba should be in Arabic and this is the opinion of the majority of the scholars.

I hope you will address authors respectfully in the future. I think that if the khateeb does his intro in Arabic by starting out the first khutbah with jhmmah Al-Hajah which is the sunnah, and then switch to English.

To question His knowledge affects the belief in this aspect of tawhid. Prophet Muhammed sallahu-alayhi-wasallah is our guide, role-model and practical example.

First of all, although i am of the opinion of the author, i dont think its appropriate to write an article in this antagonistic fashion.

November 6, at 4: My aim was not to fully articulate the Hanafi position on the issue nor any other school for that matter but just to give a glimpse of what khjtbah school says. April 13, at 9: There are Indo Paks who actually feel urdu is better than kbutbah and that urdu is an Islamic language. Your email address will not be published. Family of Theodor Binyamin Ze’ev Herzl. He said, you can have the first Khutbah in Arabic and the second in English.


Radio Islam – Arabic Khutbah

Why would it mean that people should forget their own languages? This is important, Ihutbah is to revive our imaan allow us to recharge so that we may work towards the pleasure and mercy of Allah SWT that is it helps us attain our salvation.

Until then lets stay realistic and hold to the Maqasid of our deen. Shaykh Albaani use to do that due to the hadith:.

Jummah Khutbah Arabic

That negative stigma and seems to have been passed down. The pillars of the Khutbah e. Women have limited or no access in many masajid, although their money is always welcomed. There are books containing printed khutbah in Arabic and the Imams, who often themselves do not understand anything of jummzh such printed khutbah, recites it for the audience, thus frustrating the goal of the khutbah and making all exercises fruitless.

Short Arabic Jummah Khutba for Students and others

But let us also keep in mind the purpose of the Khutbah. However, if we endorse the notion that most Muslims in the world are inn capable of basic proficiency in Arabic and we strive to make that basic proficiency common amongst us all — that is actually anti-elitist. A professional businessman, he constantly donated his services to members of the community.

And that expectation is for all immigrants, no matter where they come from, their education level, their age, etc. What to do when someone reads fabricated hadith?


Friday Khutbah in Arabic: To be or not to be?

You have obviously portrayed the one who opposed you to be the wrong and evil one, and many people will also form a mental picture int heir minds about who may fit this description, further emphasizing stereotypes and spreading hate and difference amongst the Ummah.

November 6, at Consider the following Ahadith:. It fulfills the desire to instruct as well as the requirement of Arabic both, but those who insist on only non-Arabic mummah showed their true colors and opposition to Islam and its Arab prophet!

This view of Imam Abu Hanifah still holds good and he did never recede from it. Learning Arabic does not magically make me an Arab.

Even for Arabs who understand English, many Arabs refused to go to talks in English. It is now settled with consensus and Imarn Abu Hanifah does no longer differ from this unanimous position of the Muslim jurists. The Faqi does not just make up his opinion from nowhere! Plus there are several other factors that have affected or discouraged learning Arabic esp in our times or the last 2 centuries.

June 21, at 7: This attitude may also be shared by some that are non Arabic but speak it or having lived in some Arab land for some years.