Kastor Chronicles 1: The Forge of Dawn Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter. Kastor Chronicles 1: The Forge of Dawn – Pure sword-and-sorcery, inspired by greats like Glen Cook, Fritz Lieber, and Steven Brust. Kastor Auberlane is a. Chapter 1 · Chapter 2 · Chapter 3 · Chapter 4 · Chapter 5 · Chapter 6. About criticism: Since this is an exercise in worldbuilding and backstory, rather than a real.

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Their strange manipulations of mortal heroes had made them seem desirable, a thing to be discovered and basked in. But when you examine the larger circumstances of the event, you discover that the stone in question was considered interesting in some way long before it became a troll. She had joined the convent to escape the endless, sordid carnality of kator world, which would not otherwise leave her alone.

Master Fic List – Jesse Hajicek

The warning icons, and many of the story icons, were drawn by Sarah Cloutier. Jul 11, is mee Thanks for telling us about the problem.

I have a hand free, if you’ve anything else. I’ll end my rambling with the remark the series is unpublished and left unfinished. The new voice was masculine; its depth startled Magda, as if she’d just heard a familiar song played on an inappropriate instrument. Whatever it is, I have it in my power to give it to you. The boy winced, and Magda hastened to reassure him. The look the inkeeper gave him said that he’d just confirmed all her nasty suspicions, and she now expected him to chfonicles drunk and start busting up the place.


Kastor Chronicles Series by Jesse Hajicek

She knew that if she asked, he would spit out some terse and unenlightening answer, and clam up for miles. I’ll still hire you, you know, with or without her little holiness.

He held out something glinting between his fingers, wriggling. The animal came along placidly; natural beasts kasfor to trust Sisters of the Order, as did most humans. But he has allies he doesn’t expect, and they can lead him to a power that could defeat Rema Return to Book Page.

Rec: Kastor Chronicles

Kastor Auberlane is a barbarian berserker — and a grumpy, insecure worrywart, but he has his pride. The parents seemed too weary to comfort their little ones. Mikah blew air up at the fringe of pale gold that hung before his yellow eyes. There was really nothing to worry about. Jun 21, Ian rated kasor it was chroniclees Shelves: Why is he here? Avoid series that cross authors, unless chrohicles authors were or became aware of the series identification eg.

The beginning of the story is good, but some where around the middle it gets stupid. I beg you, wake my guard, and cease tormenting us.

She found herself thinking of him as ‘the boy’, though he was not much younger than she, perhaps older. Jan 25, LD Durham rated it it was amazing Shelves: One of the four warrior-nuns resident to protect the convent, Hope would normally have been the one to escort Magda and her irreplaceable baggage.

She led three adults and four children to Magda. To hear her tell it, there’s a bandit behind every bush. And I’m thinking about that again. Once they passed a gardener and his boy strolling along with bundles of tools chroniclds their kastorr the man bobbed a greeting, the child too absorbed in goggling frog-eyed at Kastor to remember to bow to the nun.


He came on, still clapping. She took her shoes off to massage some feeling back into her feet. The war that rages across the Summerlands is totally not his problem. I write gay action heroes, because it’s what I always wanted to read. Flattered by his interest, and pleased by his apparent understanding, kaator rambled on about her theories as miles fell away unnoticed. She had not thought how the sight of a male would disturb her sisters in contemplation.

Jesse Hajicek

Magda had been too obscure. She was my first teacher, when I was a novice.

Joey’s a loyal soldier, though, and besides But I felt it necessary with this book. Look, I’m really not a troublemaker, I’m not even the kind of mercenary you think I am, I’m a bodyguard — for nuns! Magda was pleased at this evidence of wit. It’s been thought for a long time that this was a category of convenience, somewhere to throw all the metamorphoses that couldn’t be understood.

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Summerlands – Engineering student and rock guitarist James Carver really doesn’t have time to get kidnapped by an elven prince.

But Miki is an uncommonly intense ghost, and things are getting personal. Oh, Sae, couldn’t you get the pack saddle on him?

I’ll be in no danger.