KBasic is a powerful programming language, which is simply intuitive and easy to learn. It is a new programming language, a further BASIC dialect and is related. DroidBasic_General Manual KBasic Software started development on DroidBasic in (C)opyright Bernd Noetscher’s KBasic Software – New set of manuals about KBasic KBasic was developed by KBasic Software and has aroused much interest in the Internet. If we have made any mistakes.

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It is a full featured object-oriented language, which supports the best modern programming techniches known with well designed objects, events and plenty of documentation.

When you learn KBasic, you also learn many of the fundamentals of other programming languages. There is another possibility to extend your own classes or KBasic classes. If you use global-declared module variables or class-variables, it is the same. Furthermore, you will also receive a licence for each mnual of KBasic, granting you the legal right to develop private or commercial programs without having to pay any additional fees or royalties.

Specifically, you can use the integrated visual debugger to examine code while it is running and browse your code at the level of project, class, or method. A complete list of reserved words is at the end of this manual. Find more information about comments in the previous chapter about comments. Use of the ‘Protected’-Statement: Instead you must provide proper methods in the manuap that can copy an object. Variables without a declared data type get the default data type of Variant.


It is easy to learn to write small programs with KBasic. You cannot use ‘Me’ or ‘Parent’ inside class-methods because there is no object.

Manual kbasic – Google Docs

In the future, KBasic will provide objects with a clone method to copy objects. It is called hiding, because it is not automatically visible anymore. To do this, we need your help. After a ‘Try’ and its commands, define as many ‘Catch’-statements as necessary. KBasic Framework English Version.

The KBasic Manual – A Quick Reference Guide for the Development of KBasic Applications

You can change the value of a property by writing the object name, a dot. In the future, KBasic will provide objects with a compare method that will be able to compare objects.

A sub-procedure can have arguments, e. The statements that control decisions and loops in KBasic are called control structures. There are many different programming languages to choose from. March For each platform you janual like to support with your application you need an installer.

Every time you use ‘Redim,’ all values of the array are deleted kbasif you do not use the keyword ‘Preserve.

You must always deploy some dylib files with your program you will find it in the deployment installation directory of your project:.


If you want to create a ‘wheel’ class, for example, you would need to write code to define that class with its attributes and behaviours. Further reasons for hiding data are:. Statements can be a declaration or definition for class, module, variable, constant, procedure, function, or method, as well as property assignment statements, assigning a value or expression to a variable or constant, or property executable statements performing an action.

Otherwise, the arguments being passed to the MsgBox function will not be in the correct order and will result in an error.

The following statement creates three variables: If you have worked with other programming languages, you understand the concept mwnual arrays. Officially supported platforms are:.

The difference is an internal meaning because variables are different when used in child and parent class they actually use their own variablewhile methods are used by both both parent and child class use the same method! If needed, some procedures are called. If it is a different module, it might be useful to use module name to address the sub-procedure.

This is a further feature of KBasic ,basic avoid program crashes.