From simple workshop cranes to highly complex material flow systems, with Demag. KBK, we can meet all your needs quickly and efficiently. The components of. Single-girder suspension cranes from our KBK light crane system enable you to achieve fast and reliable area-serving overhead handling and exact positioning. Planning and project drafting KBK suspension crane and suspension monorail .. Only genuine Demag parts may be used for KBK installations. These parts.

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Countless KBK installations are in operation in almost all types and sizes of factories and workshops all over the world. Characteristic for the system is its modular design, which makes it possible to meet a wide variety of customer requirements with ease.

The high flexibility of the system enables KBK installations to be integrated easily into any production For a wide variety demwg applications Whether for industrial, retail or service facilities, for individual workplaces, linear transport or area-serving crane applications — KBK installations make it possible to achieve highly effective, demab transport processes to meet specific requirements. The connecting components are compatible. They make it possible to achieve logistics solutions to meet Overhung and extending cranes — with large overhang, for extended overhead handling Overhung bridge cranes Crane girders that have an overhang extending up to 2.

Pillar-mounted slewing jibs Can be freely installed in almost any location.


Stacker cranes and portal cranes — ideal support at the workplace Wall-mounted slewing jibs Mounted Suspension monorails — solutions for linear transport Suspension monorails from the KBK construction kit make it possible to implement tailored solutions for linear, overhead handling.

Highly adaptable A wide range of components makes it possible to adapt the route recisely to meet the structural requirements of your workshop. KBK suspension monorails can be built to almost any design: Single-girder suspension cranes — favourable dimensions, low deadweight Single-girder suspension cranes are used for fast and reliable area-serving overhead handling and exact positioning of a wide variety of goods.

Simple and cost-effective KBK single-girder suspension cranes can be simply suspended from the building roof or superstructure.

Additional supports for the crane runway are not necessary. Even partial areas of a workshop may be easily fitted with suspension cranes at low cost, as required.

Demag KBK single-girder suspension cranes

Smooth and reliable handling Thanks to their low deadweight and smooth-running trolleys, the Double-girder suspension cranes — large lifting heights, spans and high load capacities KBK double-girder suspension cranes also feature a low deadweight and favourable structural dimensions.

In addition, the pendulating suspension largely absorbs the horizontal forces caused by starting, braking and stopping. They can even be installed in buildings of light steel construction.

If required, the control pendant can also travel independently of the hoist when fitted to a kbi travel rail. Overhung and extending cranes — large overhang, constant or variable KBK cranes make it possible to move loads also outside the crane runway. Overhung bridge cranes For efficient utilisation of the available space, KBK ergo overhung cranes are fitted with crane girders that extend up to 2.


KBK demag Cranes

This enables you to reach bays added at a deag date, for example. Overhung cranes can also handle loads below ducts, radiant heaters, pipes or similar obstacles between the wall and roof which result in the crane runway having to be positioned at a distance to the wall.

The Online Industrial Exhibition. Open the catalog to page 2.

KBK single-girder suspension cranes

Open the catalog to page 3. Open the catalog to page 4. Demwg the catalog to page 5. Open the catalog to page 6. Open the catalog to page 7. Open the catalog to page Demag Dedrive Compact frequency de,ag – Smooth inverters for arduous applications up to Related Searches Jib lift Demag chain hoist AC motor Three-phase motor Asynchronous motor Industrial remote control Push-button package High-efficiency motor Demag overhead traveling crane Pillar jib crane Joystick remote control 4-pole motor 8-pole motor Demag wheel block Crane remote control Demag translation wheel block button remote control Demag wireless remote control Remote control with integrated display Lifting equipment remote control.