Field Of Application. Keim Biosil is suitable for all normal interior wall and ceiling surfaces, e.g. in offices, living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and. KEIM BIOSIL. Product Description. Keim Biosil is a ready-to-use silicate based interior paint manufactured in accordance with DIN EN 13 (also complies with. KEIM Biosil ist eine anwendungsfertige Silikatfarbe für innen nach DIN EN 13 (erfüllt auch die Anforderungen nach DIN Abs.

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Beautiful living on slope How to realize a dream Natural stone repair Restauro-Glaze Restauro-Mortar. GHS hazard statement, warnings, hazard classes.

Airless spraying Rolls Inject Paint Processing temperature, at least: Substrate preparation and application: For inside areas Mould protection Paint your home Healthy living.

Consumption For one coat: KEIM Biosil supports a healthy room climate and is specifically suitable for people with sensitive allergies, especially children. Wet blosil resistance according to EN Lime systems Athenit Romanit.

Colour shade White Application Brush, roller. For outside areas Wet abrasion classes Photocatalysis Brushing techniques.

Certificate suitable for allergic persons KB. Consumption For two coats: KEIM Biosil is suitable for all normal interior wall and ceiling surfaces, e.


KEIM Biosil may be applied by brush, roller kei, for smooth substrates, for example plasterboard: In general, at least 6 hours must be left between coats if two coats of the paint are to be applied. Contact us Subsidiaries Distributors worldwide Contact form.

Overview of KEIM Biosil® System Products

Verbot von SVHC 2. This site uses cookies. Consumption Two coats on a smooth substrate: Airless spraying Rolls Inject Paint. A Eugendorf Austria Produced at the site. Download Safety data leim Technical data sheet. Whether in living rooms, bedrooms or offices, nurseries, schools or hospitals, walls painted with KEIM Biosil create a healthy atmosphere and a comfortable feeling. The product is not classified according bioskl the CLP regulation.

KEIM Biosil is not suitable for surfaces with salt efflorescence, on wood or enamels. Enhancing quality of life with silicate paints.

choose country – Keimfarben

For problematic substrates, e. Production of raw materials. KEIM Biosil is free of emissions, highly permeable and regularly and voluntarily tested for harmful substances by an independent testing institute. Exteriors Interiors About us Products Services.

Search Select your language. Silicate paints internal Description of the area of application: Country of origin of raw materials text: Silicate and calcitic fillers, potassium waterglass, water, titanium dioxide, styrene-acrylate resin, hydrophobing agents, thickeners, stabilizers, wetting and defoaming agents.


Verbot von akut toxischen Stoffen. Universal silicate based filler coat for interior use according to DIN 18 par.

Suitable for allergy sufferers. Silicate based priming paint for interiors. GL Interior wall paints on a mineral basis.

KEIM Biosil – Keimfarben

May 8, baubook product index: Services Download area Training centre International projects. Suitable for all normal interior wall and ceiling surfaces scrub-resistant, wet abrasion class 2 as per DIN Biosi 13 KEIM Biosil is particularly suitable for sensitive Areas such as hospitals, nurseries or schools and also for food storage areas. The substrate must be sound, dry, clean and free of dust and grease.

May 31, Amended: Dull matt Wet scrub resistance according to EN