Two Ways a Woman Can Get Hurt by Jean Kilbourne Essay. Words May 14th, 7 Pages. Show More. For the longest time now, advertising has played. Jean Kilbourne. Sexualization of Women. People’s Sexiest Man Alive annual issue; Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister bags; Calvin Klein Ads. Jean Kilbourne,(born January 4, ) is a feminist author, speaker, and filmmaker who is internationally recognized for her work on the image.

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She uses an excessive writing style that makes the readers want to keep reading to see what happens next. Also the males throughout the whole article she talks about them and how they see these advertisements that will make them believe they have this underlying dominance over women and that it is acceptable to treat them as sexual objects.

The jury acquitted Smith because the panties were an indication of her immorality. Also, the fact that she used informal language and declarative sentences is well chosen. Also in the article she somewhat explains men and their side of the story. She mainly argues how women in many advertisements are seen as submissive and are rewarded for their sexuality by rich men or men.

Throughout the world the biggest problem for women is surviving at home. She has numerous ads like this which all make you think about the ads and how they are portraying the sexes, which is exactly her goal. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

“two ways a woman can get hurt” by jean kilbourne by brenda lomeli on Prezi

But with this advertising, Kilbourne wanted necessarily to show that the man was beating a women and also that the ad was encouraging that act by turning it out as cool.

It could also make the reader angry because the kllbourne are not doing anything about the name calling and because they are not even punishing the students for using that kind of language at school. It comes to persuade people and criticize a domain. Her other twoo is that she has another logical fallacy called post hoc. However, she does not and it makes it so her argument is weaker and it becomes an illogical fallacy.


Her arguments would be more powerful if she added more statistics to prove that most men see these articles and are influenced more to see women as objects. She wants people to see the effects the advertisements are subconsciously or consciously having on people. She explains there is a big ,ilbourne between women being objectified kipbourne men being objectified.

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She also writes how women how in ads are taken control of by men or some deodorant ads a women is saying no to a may but the mans just keeps on leaning towards the women. Notify me of new comments via email.

I put up with it because I have no choice. But she pushed it a little too far by putting in evidence a sexual nature in it. How to cite this page Choose cite format: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Anyway, all depends on how each individual wants to support his arguments and where it will look for. How about make it original? Some would kikbourne feel outraged and a bit concerned that a rapist could get away with what he did to that girl because of the type of underwear she was wearing.

She does claim that the ads do not cause violence ttwo, which is almost contradicting herself because she was just saying it did cause violence, geg, she could have elaborated more on explaining how ads influence violence. She shows through wzys that women are not the only ones being objectified.

Two Ways a Woman Can Get Hurt Essay

This is a strong argument because it speaks the truth and she has the sources to back it up. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Sorry, but downloading is forbidden on this website. Therefore her goal is effective. You are commenting using your Twitter account. However, her weakness is that she writes with too many hasty generalizations and also wags some post hoc.


However, by wanting necessarily to have a relevant and credible side in her arguments, she often deviates from the topic she is arguing for, generalizes things which ended up making it incoherent. When Kilbourne tries to show the objective character of women in advertising, she just wants them to understand that they need to use common sense as for the image they give of man and especially women and that it can have severe consequences upon society.

Kilbkurne was just a provocative one but she just needed to see it with bad intentions. Even though Jean Kilbourne has a couple flaws in her article, they could easily be fixed. Remember me on this computer. But what kind of impact are we dealing with?

She also arranges her idea so that one leads to another in order to provide a relevant and at the same time convey a message and so, raise awareness on the issue. Another really efficient story she uses to evoke emotion and create awareness is a case for a young female who was raped. Your Answer is very helpful for Us Thank you a lot!

Nevertheless, there are a lilbourne of advertisements that depict men and women and in which we don’t see any sign of violence or submission but rather of passion and love. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! Her strongest strategy in her article is how she uses logos towards hudt.

This is one of her strongest points just because of the fact of how outrageous it is. It is a possibility that the articles contributed to the violence, but once again there is not proof hrut you cannot just assume that because of the articles the man became violent.