KL23H286 20 8B PDF

NEMA23 oz/in A Stepper Motor ¼” Dual shaft (KL23HB). Product in stock. This oz/in NEMA23 stepper motor is well suited to medium sized. So, I have Keling KL23HB motor and driver KL for the motor and I’ m using Mach3. Why does the motor warms up a lot? On the. I would like to move to the KL23HB, and have purchased one to give it a try. I have tried both bipolar series and bipolar parallel, but.

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Commercial Products Support Forums. Results 1 to 11 of Warming problem with motors KL23HB. Why does the motor warms up a lot?

On the movements and ALSO on idle position. I have set the current peak from the dip switches first to 3. My motor is connected as a bipolar parallel mode. I have a thought that the motors maximum current per phase was about 3. What is the problem? Or is the problem caused the Mach3 which I can’t yet use very goodly?

And a another dump question, what is the easies way to increase stepper motors speed from Mach3? I test my motors in table so I haven’t yet calculated correct values for the Steps per mm field. Thanks for answers in advance! Steppers run warm to hot on most drives, it’s normal.


TinyG and KL23H286-20-8B

You need to do your motor tuning in mach3 and have the correct settings. Set your kernel speed to the fastest that will work on your pc. Phil, Still too many interests, too many projects, and not enough time!!!!!!!! Vist my websites – http: Are my current peak dip kkl23h286 settings 220 correctly for this motor in where position?

I mean should it really be setted to 3. Then the motors is really hot, almost to hot to keep on hands? That could not be normal?

Htman7, What position is dip switch “4”? Dip switch “4” controls the idle auto current reduction, it should be off in order to reduce idle current and motor heating.

The motors will still get very hot if you don’t have them mounted to something that will dissipate the heat away from them. Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish. When I tested it on 3. I think that might help a lot.

Is there any other tips how to decrease heat in motors?


The mounting to cold iron should be real objection but in my test procedure it is hard to do so. I setted the idle current mode to “half current”, and added current peak level to 2. After all, it still warms a lot, Why??? Gecko’s FAQ says that motors wired parallel ml23h286 much, much hotter than motors wired in series.

It’s just the way steppers work.

Newbie Warming problem with motors KL23HB

The opinions expressed in this post are my own kl23h86 are not necessarily those of CNCzone and its management. What is your power supply voltage?

It may be too high especially in parallel mode. Also are the steppers mounted to an aluminum not steel frame? How could we count a motor’s surface temperature?

NEMA23 oz/in A Stepper Motor ¼” Dual shaft (KL23HB) – –

Also, in what motor’s surface temperature should we mount some cooling stuff on it? Tags for this Thread another.

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