View and Download Honeywell KLN 90B installation manual online. GPS RNAV. KLN 90B GPS pdf manual download. View and Download AlliedSignal KLN 90B pilot’s manual online. KLN 90B GPS pdf manual download. View and Download Honeywell KLN 90B GPS abbreviated operation manual online. KLN 90B GPS GPS pdf manual download.

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The Airport 4 Page apt 4 3.

Press E again to display the waypoint page for the 3: If a compatible air data system is interfaced to the KLN 90B the Other 10 OTH 10 page displays pressure and density altitude directly for the present conditions.

Coax open or shorted. Installation Check Out A.


Page 76 If it is required to set the time: A listing iln90b available time zones is contained in section 3. Height Above Airport Alert 3. The heading up selection is not presented as a choice if heading is not provided to the KLN 90B. No Procedure Turn 6. DIS is a method of adding waypoints to a flight plan.

BendixKing KLN 90B User Manual

If the kln90v input to the KLN 90B is pressure altitude such as from an altitude encoder or air data computer, then the altitude must be corrected with the proper altimeter baro setting. The system will perform normally; however, at this distance the D-Bar will be extremely sensitive to changes in selected course.

KNEW order first waypoint becomes last and last waypoint 2: Page 60 The last surprise for this page is that it is possible for you to change the active waypoint to any of the flight plan waypoints without having to leave this very useful page. To view the nearest airports: The first format is in terms of the distance and radial from a klm90b VOR.


The alert tone is provided in the same way as described in section 3. Basic Operation Of Panel Controls 2. Notice in the figure approach point of an approach loaded in the flight plan. The Air Data 5. Press E to display the waypoint page for this identifier. Alternative Waypoint Data Entry Method 3. Press E to approve the waypoint page.

An arrow precedes the identifier if it APT[4 is the active waypoint.

AlliedSignal KLN 90B Pilot’s Manual

Select the FPL 0 page of the left side. Pressing the right C again removes the menu from the screen. The aircraft will be assumed to be arriving from the West, although this does not change the way the approach will be flown using the KLN 90B. After turn-on and approval of the Self Test and 1: The name of this point is 26FLW.

With operational revision status ors 01, 02, and 04 pages. Antenna Mechanical Installation 2. The Airport 7 Page apt 7 3. In order to use this update method you must have access to an IBM compatible computer having a disk drive capa- ble of using and booting loading from 3.

For example, it if is presently 9: Page If it is desired to change the CDI scale factor to another value, use the following procedure: Interpreting What You See 8. This will allow you to utilize it to the maximum extent. Select KSFO on one of the airport pages figure User Defined Database 8. The radial may be selected to the nearest tenth of a degree.


Terminal Area While the display menu is displayed, select the track up map orientation TK as well.

Honeywell GPS Receiver KLN 90B User Guide |

The Super Nav 5 Page 3. This operational preview assumes the KLN 90B has been properly installed, the unit was previously operational in the same general geographical location, and that no peripheral equip- ment interfaced with the KLN 90B such as external HSIs, CDIs, autopi- lots, RMIs, fuel flow systems, moving map displays, etc. While the display menu is displayed, select the track up map orientation TK as well. The map scale is also changed by using the left cursor button. Turn the left outer knob to position the cursor over the appropriate first digit adjacent to fuel flow FF.

Page 6 test page has been approved. Don’t show me this message again. The Calculator 5 Page cal 5 5. The Direct To page is displayed on the left side and it con- tains the desired waypoint identifier.

But surprise num- ber one is that the Super NAV 5 page shows alphanu- meric waypoint identifiers on the graphics display to make orientation even easier for you.