PARLAMENTU EUROPEJSKIEGO I RADY zmieniające rozporządzenie (WE) nr / ustanawiające Wspólnotowy Kodeks Wizowy (kodeks wizowy). Regulation (EC) No / of the European Parliament and of the Council of 13 July establishing a Community Code on Visas (Visa Code). Regulation. Translation for ‘kodeks wizowy’ in the free Polish-English dictionary and many other English translations.

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Member States shall be responsible for organising the visa sections of their consulates. Consulates may waive the requirement referred to in paragraph 1 when the applicant is known to them for his integrity and reliability.

Signing on a vessel berthed or expected at a Member State port entry into the territory of the Member States. To see if this document has been published in an e-OJ with legal value, kodsks on the icon above For OJs published before 1st Julyonly the paper version has legal value. Article 25 Issuing of a visa with limited territorial validity.

The report shall also include, on the basis of Article 17 1213 and 14 and of Article 50 4 of the VIS Regulation, the cases in which fingerprints could factually not be provided or were not required to be provided for legal reasons, compared with the number of cases in which fingerprints were taken. When lodging the application, kodeis applicant shall: Article 10 General rules for lodging an application 1.

The date of issue is written in the same way as the date referred to in 2.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

This document is an excerpt from the EUR-Lex website. Applications shall be examined and decided on by consulates.

However, in a justified case of emergency, this obligation may be waived; b it shall contain at least two blank pages; c it shall have been issued within the previous 10 years.

Schengen State or Schengen States to whose territory the validity of the visa is limited in this case the following abbreviations are used: The travel route within the territory of the Member States shall also be verified e. Tarjeta privilegiada de residencia specjalne zezwolenie na pobyt zielone.

kodeks wizowy schengen pdf – PDF Files

The consulate shall, where applicable, verify the length of previous and intended stays in order to verify that the applicant has not exceeded the maximum duration of authorised stay in the territory of the Member States, irrespective of possible stays authorised under a national long-stay visa or a residence permit issued by another Member State.

Where the competent consulate finds that the conditions referred to in paragraph 1 have not been fulfilled, the application shall be inadmissible and the consulate shall without delay: Simultaneously, the consulate of the representing Member State shall inform both the consulates of other Member States and the delegation of the Commission in the jurisdiction concerned about representation arrangements or the termination of such arrangements before they enter into force or are terminated.


The seal of the issuing authorities shall be affixed to the visa sticker. Article 23 Decision on the application 1. Within local Schengen cooperation the need to complete and harmonise the lists of supporting documents shall be assessed in each jurisdiction in order to take account of local circumstances. However, should the impossibility be temporary, the applicant shall be required to give the fingerprints at the following application. Where the travel document in which such persons are included is not recognised by the issuing Member State, the individual stickers shall be affixed to the separate sheets for affixing a visa.

Tarjeta de estancia residence permit white. List of residence permits entitling their holders to transit through the airports of Member States without being required to hold an airport transit visa.

In accordance with Article 61 of the Treaty, the creation of an area in which persons may move freely should be accompanied by measures with respect to external border controls, asylum and immigration. This stay may be continuous or, depending on the number of days authorised, spread over several periods between the dates mentioned under 2, bearing in mind the number of entries authorised under 3.

Furthermore, they shall aim to harmonise the service fee applied.

When seafarers wizzowy due to enter via a land or a sea border, the competent authorities at the border post via which the seafarer concerned enters the territory of the Member States shall be informed by the same procedure. Member States shall compile koodeks statistics on visas, in accordance with koddeks table set out in Annex XII.

Member States shall notify the Commission of the introduction or withdrawal of the requirement of prior consultation before it becomes applicable. Member States shall notify the Commission of the introduction or withdrawal of the requirement for such information before it becomes applicable. The Member State s concerned shall closely monitor the implementation of the legal instrument referred to in paragraph 2, including:.

At that time, the following biometric identifiers of the applicant shall be collected: Chapter 01 Volume P. ICAO alphabetic code 3-character: By way of derogation, an application that does not meet the requirements set out in paragraph 1 may be considered admissible on humanitarian grounds or for reasons of national interest. Article 28 Invalidation of a completed visa sticker 1. In justified cases of urgency, the consulate may allow applicants to lodge their applications either without appointment, or an appointment shall be given immediately.


In the event of termination of cooperation with other Member States, Member States shall assure the continuity of wizoqy service. Insofar as a visa is issued at the border on the iodeks of the information that has been exchanged, the responsibility lies with the Member State issuing the visa.

Period of validity As to points 3 and 4: A visa shall in principle be revoked by the competent authorities of the Member State which issued it. The Member State competent for examining and deciding on an application for a uniform visa shall be: Wizoey Commission shall be assisted by a committee the Visa Committee.

The Member States or the Community shall endeavour to reach agreement with wizowh third countries concerned with the aim of lifting the prohibition against encryption of data to be electronically transferred from the authorities of the representing Member State to the authorities of the represented Member State s kodekz from the external service provider or from the honorary consul to the authorities of the Member State s concerned.

Article 20 Stamp indicating that an application is admissible 1. In addition to the reasons for refusing a visa as provided for in Article 32 1 a visa shall be refused at the border crossing point if the conditions referred to in paragraph 1 b of this Kodekks are not met. Sign up Login Login. However, a visa with limited territorial validity for the territory of the issuing Member State may be issued at the external border for such persons in exceptional cases, in accordance with Article 25 1 a.

Article 42 Recourse to honorary consuls.

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Each individual file shall contain the application form, copies of relevant supporting documents, a record of checks made and the reference number dizowy the visa issued, in order for staff to be able to reconstruct, if need be, the background for the decision taken on the application.

They shall immediately inform the authorities responsible for border checks thereof, and the latter shall without delay forward that information to the competent authorities of wizowyy other Member States.

Or sign up in the traditional way. Adequate measures shall be taken to ensure security and data protection.