read the help section on adding an animation to your web page. Tutorials and More Help Topics. You can view examples created with KoolMoves by going to. KoolMoves and KoolShow, Html5 animation software, combine ease-of-use with powerful effects for creating high quality Html5, GIF, AVI, MP4, and SWF. Your Kool Moves movie can be placed on a web page within a layer with the background set to transparent allowing your HTML page background color, text.

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Fixed a rare problem when opening. Fixed problem associated with opening a file containing a text overlay on a Media Player page. The ability to create Jssor-slider slideshows for ads has recently been added.

Added detection of a more recent version of KoolWizard available for download. Fixed key frame interval display when movie speed is changed and display is in units of seconds.

Fixed problem with Html5 motion scripts. Added ability tutoial set the skin for a dynamic text scroll bar exported as Flash 9 or higher. Fixed a bug in km.

Doubled the kollmoves of the swf output buffer. Added menu item for importing swf file in Html5 interface. Fixed an AS3 export problem involving static class variables that caused a serious runtime error in Flash player Fixed several SVG bugs. You can import sprite sheets, a series of images animation frames combined into a larger image. Added option to specify vector precision. Fixed problem with Tutoial MediaPlayer class, added chroma key functionality to km.

Fixed coloring problem with exporting 24bit with alpha channel images with jpeg compression. Fixed another AS3 export problem associated with TweenMax Fixed problem with Numeric Transform when an empty movie clip is on the timeline. Matrix3D intrinsic class previous Matrix3D file in necro folder should be deleted. Added wizard page for exporting Flash animation as an Android mobile app.


Learn how to prepare your html page to display your movie in windowless mode. Added optional scroll bars Survey Monkey request. Disabled properties in Properties popup that are not available for button states. Converted most of the tabbed pages on dialogs and standard wizard-type dialogs that use property sheets because they are incompatible tugorial increasing the font size.

What’s New in KoolMoves and KoolShow

Fixed morphing problem with Html5 export — when first occurrence of an object is not in the first frame. Added 22 additional Html5 motion scripts. Fixed motion scripts and web interfaces that weren’t Flash 8 compatible. Fixed problem when an additional segment to a quadratic motion path is created and it reverts to a linear motion path. Fixed vector rendering when the last border segment is not closed for CreateJS Html5 export.

Koolmoves is somewhat unique in supporting vector shape morphing for Html5 canvas export. Added message warning against the use of point font unit pt for Html5 export because that font unit will cause text sizing to vary by browser. Fixed disabled slideshow skin property in Properties dialog for Html5 export. These tutorials are intended to familiarize new users to the Kool Moves interface and contain simplified examples of how to perform specific tasks in Kool Moves as they would relate to the use of materials from this site.

Forced browser preference to default browser versus native IE browser for Html5 preview when using WindowsXP operating system. All you do is put together something like a cartoon strip. Added an option to embed an imported swf in object’s property popup.

Removed limit on masking depth. Fixed default Play Directory for Html5 export when an image is added to a movie that was previously saved in a different folder.


Added support koolmove AS3 helper classes. In the case of character animation, one frame would have the characters in one pose and the next frame in another pose.

Fixed Swf File Statistics to display sizes in terms of the compressed file rather than uncompressed file. Added option for different mouse wheel behaviors if there is a vertical scroll bar. It is easy to import 3D models made with others programs into this tutoriak software. Added shuffle property to MediaPlayer and SlideShow objects.

Support for KoolMoves Html5 animation software

Fixed missing button actions futorial a copy of a button. Changed rendering of on-stage text for Html5 export from direct rendering of font glyphs used for Flash export to Gdiplus rendering. Fixed problem with field width being too narrow for class name and base class name in symbol library. SVG vector clipart which is widely available on the internet loolmoves easily imported including gradients. Added more complete css styling when exporting as an iframe.

This is the first step in providing a powerful environment for scripting akin to Flash action scripting. They’re all you need to Fixed problem with missing alpha channel when the same 32bit png is used more than once.

Fixed preloader hang problem with tutoriak a. Increased a swf export buffer from 2Mb to 3Mb.

Removed menu items for object library functionality if the system directory path to application data contains unicode characters and doesn’t correspond to the actual directory path.

Added a Cleanup option in the Symbol Library.