Lajja is the story of the Dutta family; Suranjan Dutta, a Bengali Hindu, lives in Dhaka with his father Sudhamoy, mother Kironmoyee, and sister. Lajja (Shame) is the live depiction of the ethnic cleansing in Bangladesh. The Dutta family living in Bangladesh all their lives refused to live the country in spite of. Directed by Dayal Acharya. With Haradhan Bannerjee, Raja Chatterjee, Dipankar Dey, Rajatabha Dutta.

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Let the edifices of religions crumble, let a blind fire consume all the bricks in same, mosques gurdwaras and churches, and on those ruins let us grow enchanting Gardens of sweet-smelling flowers and build schools and libraries. Seperti sering kita saksikan, agama menjadi lem perekat yang kuat bagi para pemeluknya di mana-mana. Highly exhaustive in terms of its analysis of factual inputs.

Sudhamoy, seorang dokter yang turut berjuang memerdekakan Banglades dari Pakistan, tak pernah menyangka bahwa nasibnya akan menjadi seburuk itu di negeri tercintanya. Thus, one may observe how revengefulness virtually annihilates humaneness which affects women most adversely. He was member of Communist part of Bangladesh and has solid foothold against religious extremism. He obviously didnt go to church. Just after Babari demolition in in India, nos of riots been happened in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.

The world condemns the incident ljaja its fallout is felt most acutely in Bangladesh, where Muslim mobs begin to seek out and attack the Hindus Buku yang membangkitkan mixed feeling bagi saya. Peristiwa inilah yang diangkat menjadi cerita fiksi novel Lajja oleh Taslima Nasrin, seorang feminis muslim asal Banglades. Karena kucing memiliki identitas bersama. Pokoke novel yg sangat mengerikan dech Hanya manusia yang punya ras dan kelompok.


View all 12 comments. Her abductors threatened Premanand Seal and his family but the police took no action when informed. Feb 21, Aishu Rehman rated it liked it. Nov 04, Abhishek Pajja rated it liked it.

The tale is very touching and shows how a nation betrays its citizens, even when the only emotion they have for their country is patriotism. Sebenarnya Lajja adalah novel fiksi ttp fakta2 nyata yg diungkapkan oleh Taslima Nasreen ttg negerinya sangat mengerikan. Juga bagi umat yang minoritas yang ternyata tak punya kekuatan untuk melakukan perubahan.

Membaca buku ini bagiku memberikan pembelajaran bagaimana agar kita sebagai manusia beragama dapat berempati kepada kaum minoritas. As a story per se, it is about the riots that happen in Bangladesh as an aftermath of the Babri Masjid demolition and how a Hindu family pays a heavy price because its men happen to be too idealistic.

Add the first question. Suranjan’s indifference is aggravating and brings a sense hopelessness and despair into the reader’s mind.

Book review: Lajja (Shame) by Taslima Nasrin – Khushboo Writes

Author claims to have written this novel over a week of religious unrest, which escalated into demolition of century old temples and violence against minority Hindus, in retaliation to what happenings in India.


And so, Bangladeshi Hindus had to suffer – destruction of temples, riots, murders, rapes, forced conversations, black-mail about leaving the country etc. To know the atrocities committed by one human being on the other, in the name of religion, is shaking. Books by Taslima Nasrin. There are a lot of fa A good choice of topic with a little bit bad way of storytelling.

He feels threatened and alienated. In all, a good read, but could have been better. Sudhamoy and Kironmoyee who are the parents of Suranjan and Maya.

Lajja “Shame”

Calling it completely fiction would be mocking of the facts which are instated into that book and suffering of Hindus in Bangladesh. Since fleeing Bangladesh inshe has lived in many countries, and lives in United Sjame as of July Namun, sampai kapankah ia mampu bertahan hidup dalam penganiayaan dan teror ketakutan sepanjang hari?

On the contrary, his sister Maya is engrossed in nursing their father back to health. The book follows the shaem of one Sudhamay and his children Suranjan and Maya.