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There were a lot of official alternate builds photographed on the backside sometimes inside the box mostly back in the 80’s and 90’s but you can find “some” out of this era too. These alt builds normally didn’t have instructions.

I just tried the B-model feature to submit some of these, but Instructlons couldn’t give a location for the intructions steps I made. I know, sometimes the pics are not clear or too small to make correct reverse engineering on them, so the final instructions may lead to a slightly different model than it was originally built by LEGO.

It might disturb someone, but hopefully more people would like even these not fully correct instructions, than nothing.


I have already submitted a few like this as MOCS. When it comes to accuracy is good enough to say: This is how I deal with the ideabook that doesn’t show the steps well. But in the alternate builds it’s legp bit easier if it’s not a very old set.

Lego Mission Commander Space Police. % w/ Original Instructions, No Box | #

I would really encourage people to submit these to rebrickable with instructions. I don’t have any boxes left but I really enjoy building the old alternates. I might ship in myself with the old sets that had room for pictures on the Instruction.

I think this shouldn’t be a big issue, as MOCs have the possibility for linking Instructions. A similar thing would be needed on Set submission pages too.

Search – Building Instructions – service

However I know that programming all these funny things over Rebrickable must be a huge work, so there is legk chance that it’s not so easy as I think now. There is quite a perspective in it. I agree that there should be something inbetween Set and MOC.

They might only be a picture or instruction.

Set like this, my ideabook kego that has instructions in the ideabook should all fall into this third new catagory rather then remain in “sets”. It should have the same functionality as a MOC ie when submitting but be filtered out as LEGO products that you can “own” without increasing your sets parts.


LEGO products that you can “own” without increasing your sets parts.

If Nathan can figure out a way to do this, it might be a way to handle the calendar sub-sets too. That way the calendar’s actual total parts could be listed in the main set listing, with each day as an alternate LOC.

Lego 6986 Mission Commander Space Police. 100% w/ Original Instructions, No Box

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