LEGO Villa Savoye Set Instructions Viewer. If you’ve lost your original instructions, or just want to try building something new, these are the full building . Download LEGO instructions on your computer or mobile device for Villa Savoye set number to help you build these LEGO sets. LEGO set database: Villa Savoye. Set number: ; Name: Villa Savoye; Set type: Normal; Theme group: Model making; Theme: Architecture.

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Any one of these would make a great viola and have more than enough historical notes and trivia to fill out the usual architecture collectors instruction book.

Straight away, we get to see how the incongruous red and blue plates are used. And all the info included about the house is just wonderful. And some plates are added which will support the roof. Edited September 4, by Cavannus.

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I like the Nistructions solution here. These things get everywhere. Enjoy your building experience! Perhaps they represent the French flag, judging by the white in between; but in that case they are the wrong way round. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

So glad they did this set in the Architecture series. Wonderful review, thank you so much. I totally admit that I’d heard of neither this building nor this set before you posted this review. Note here the 2×2 tile next to the 2×2 inverted slope the inclusion of instruchions I can’t really explainand the 1×1 round brick just to the rear.


LEGO Villa Savoye Set 21014 Instructions Viewer

Or I might just have borrowed the picture from Google Earth. From this angle, the curvy roof wall thingy almost looks like a sail.

Now I just have to wait impatiently while it’s shipped to insteuctions door Detail on the first floor terrace is added: One is the ‘floppy’ 1×12 plate I mentioned, which should connect at its far end to the ground floor, provided you remember specifically to push down on that one spot; the other is the 4×12 plate at the front-right of instructiins base, which despite having three layers of plates above it, is still only connected at front and rear, and can come loose if you pick the model up by the front right corner.

Great review yet again Rufus!

I blame the loose plates in the box. What should I call this score? Lfgo Sig Andersen doesn’t get a credit on the box, as far as I can see. Posted September 4, Most appealing are the useful quantities of earth green bricks and plates; the trans clear 1×2 bricks might also be useful, if you were building say a waterfall.

Definitely makes me want to add this set to the collection. The base itself consists of large black plates, arranged in two rows: Are they visible at all once the build is complete or are they just a little easter egg to discover as you’re building the set?

Instructions For LEGO 21014 Villa Savoye

Earth green 1×1 bricks are also welcome, and surprisingly not used as trees in this Architecture set. The instructions themselves are clear and detailed, although some may find the pace a little slow, especially compared to the larger sets like Robie House: Posted September 1, One thing does detract: And you can see another problem, savyoe seems to plague the larger Architecture sets: Lebo can be roughly divided into four large and four small.


After seeing this latest set I not only want to go out and buy it, but also a lot of other ones in the line too. And for the record, I don’t particularly care for Le Corbusier or most of the International Style either, but like you I figure I’ll still get the set anyway. The main windows consist almost entirely of stacked trans-clear plates; it is less laborious that in might look.

The rear shows the model from a higher perspective; in the bottom right there’s a small inset of the real building:. How do you rate this set? The house reminds me of something out of the Woody Allen film Sleeper.

Review: Villa Savoye – Special LEGO Themes – Eurobricks Forums

Edited September 1, by Alasdair Ryan. The patio area is simply constructed, but looks great, surrounded on three sides by rooms with big windows. This model is one piece, when finished.