Mike said: Of Pedro Lemebel, Roberto Bolaño has said: There is no “Tengo miedo torero” debe ser el libro más raro que me he leído en el último tiempo. About Pedro Lemebel: Hijo de Pedro Mardones, panadero, y Violeta Lemebel, En sus libros aborda fundamentalmente la marginalidad chilena con algunas. ‘It’s Like Biting Your Own Tail’: Pedro Lemebel’s Queer Response to the chilenas: El lugar sin límites de José Donoso y Tengo miedo torero de Pedro Lemebel.

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Con una scrittura assolutamente piacevole e che non fa una grinza, Lemebel costruisce una narrazione che alterna sorrisi e commozione. A fascinating little book, and a lovely translation of an amazing contemporary Chilean writer.

Tengo miedo torero

In one of the city’s many poor neighborhoods works the Queen of the Corner, a hopeless and gengo romantic who embroiders linens for the wealthy and listens to boleros to drown out the gunshots and rioting in the streets. Es la primera vez que leo un libro de Lemebel.

It is spring in the city of Santiago, and Augusto Pinochet is losing his grip on power.

View all 7 comments. Piccola perla delicata e malinconica. Una storia d’amore originale e permeata di tristezza, sullo sfondo della dittatura di Pinochet.

Tengo miedo torero – Memoria Chilena, Biblioteca Nacional de Chile

Aug 04, Ryan rated it it was amazing. My Tender Matador by Pedro Lemebel.

Barbi’s reading plan 3 29 Jan 04, Mi amiga Gladys 4. Me quedo con su prosa que es bella, bella, bella.

My Tender Matador – Editorial Anagrama

Oct 23, RJ rated it it was amazing Shelves: Gracias Lemebel, gracias por tu prosa y por crear un obra tan bella. I enjoyed some of the theatrics. Initially this struck me as unnecessary, but Lemebel uses these narrative threads to illustrate the excessive performativity and level of fantasy that sustained the dictatorship, so they rounded out the book quite nicely in the end.


This is the story of the Queen of the Corner, a queer, non-binary embroiderer who helps a young Marxist revolutionary during the Pinochet regime in Chile.

And the sorrow of course — because such lovers can never live happily ever after. I admire the bravo, but the satire is hit and miss and the narrator too much a mess in a dress.

Because this was the only kind of respect she had known in her life, the paternal poke that had split open her sissy-boy faggot ass until it bled.

My Tender Matador

La abita una Fata, piccola e ignorante, uno “sgorbio artritico del disamore”. If it can’t avoid being reminiscent of Puig’s Kiss of the Spider Woman in its admixture of an aging, effeminate, romanticizing homosexual known only via her street name of the Epdro of the Corner and a young Marxist revolutionary part of the plot to assassinate Pinochetit retain 4.

My Tender Matador is set during the waning years of the Pinochet regime, and focuses on the relationship between an aging transwoman, the “Queen of the Corner” one of the other reviewers here expressed offense that the narrator consistently refers to her by female pronouns Pedro Lemebel has published several collections of chronicles and essays in Chile, but as far as I know this is the only book of his that’s been translated into English.

Y aunque el final es bien ortodoxo, propio de telenovela mexicana aunque del siglo XXIdigamos que se justifica dado la naturaleza del libro: It was an engaging read, and I wasn’t really sure at any point how things would unfold or lekebel Lemebel was taking us. The novel gives us a sentimental character that is not normally seen in literature, and placed in a very specific political context. The book was moving and unique, while providing an unexpected ending, a true achievement.


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Interspersed with pedgo Queen’s story, are little vignettes of domestic disharmony lemfbel the Dictator and his chatty wife, which help illuminate the politics of the day.

Because a fair It’s probably the highest honor I can bestow upon a profoundly moving, beautifully written, surprisingly funny, compassionate work of queer genius to simply quote a passage from it and let it speak for itself rather than gush with my own language what a powerhouse of a both quiet-and-loud subversive novel this is: Cars pass under my balcony and Pinochet is in prison in London.

A beautifully written and lyrical novel set in during Pinochet’s dictatorship. Because a fairy’s tears have no identification, no color, no taste; togero have never watered any garden of illusion. Books by Pedro Lemebel. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. It’s a pity, because his writing is fiercely beautiful.