Nov. If you want to read the Lotus Quickr documentation offline you no longer need to install the IBM help system locally but you can also download. Product Description. IBM Lotus Quickr is team collaboration software. It allows you to connect to an IBM enterprise content management system. Create Custom Libraries to connect to Enterprise Content Management libraries from a Lotus Quickr place. You can then create new documents, edit existing.

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If a firewall is dcumentation and the warning messages are not promptly attended to, the installation may fail. If so, use a procedure that ensures 24×7 availability. To run the graphical installation program, use one of the following commands from the root directory of the Vocumentation Start Setup CD: However, if the fix requires an update to the Lotus Quickr databases, you might be required to stop the cluster before applying the fix.

IBM strives to provide products with usable access for everyone, regardless of age or ability.

Installing and configuring IBM Lotus Quickr integration

Authentication means that users identify themselves to gain access to the system. This documentation does not provide detailed instructions for the scenario of installing multiple profiles on the same system.

In the Topic pane, to go to the next link, press Tab. Every product qiickr in the HTTP header field User-Agent of incoming requests is compared with each of the patterns specified for this parameter.

IBM Connections wiki: IBM Connections documentation: Enabling single sign-on for Lotus Quickr

They are required, however, to create additional places. This document provides a collection of links to important information about Lotus Quickr, and also includes custom queries to the Lotus Quickr Support site to help you locate the latest information on limitations, known issues and workarounds.

When the upgrade process is complete, traffic is routed to the upgraded site while the fix packs are installed on the other site. The Credential Vault is a portlet service that helps portlets and users manage multiple identities. This software can affect the ability of the machine to connect to the network and sometimes interfere with the operation of the installation program.


The Credential Vault stores credentials that allow portlets to log in to applications outside the realm on behalf of the user.

Specify node names; do not use names longer than 5 characters.

Now there are multiple tasks, which documetnation you to fine-tune your system to meet your business needs. The following table shows the default profile location if another location it is not specified during installation: Quidkr are sets of servers that are managed together and participate in workload management.

Credential vault provides a mechanism that assists a portlet in retrieving one of documentatoin representations of a user’s docmentation identity, which the portlet can then pass to a backend application. The database name cannot exceed eight characters and can only contain letters and numbers. Choose one of the following tasks to enable a production repository: Stores information about user customization, such as Pages, and user profile and login information.

Existing 24×7 installation procedures do not apply to these environments. If you are planning to install two separate copies of WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment on the same system for the deployment manager and Lotus Quickr on the same computer, review the coexistence requirements in the WebSphere Application Server documentation before installing these products:.

Due to schema changes, the JCR copy is upgraded. Continue to the next step. If documentatioon TAI decides to authenticate the request containing an authorization header that contains a user ID and password, the TAI tries to log on with that credential. User registry naming limitations The following restrictions apply to user IDs, passwords, or group names defined in the WebSphere user registry.

You will need to provide this password later, when you export the key file Note: For example, you can choose to leave LikeMinds data on your default database and move all other data to another docmentation.


This functionality allows you to define areas within Lotus Quickr that only a limited set of users can access. The document containing the full 24×7 maintenance procedures is available from the Lotus Quickr product documentation page.

After you add your initial LDAP user registry, database user registry, or custom user registry, you can add additional user registries to the repository to create a multiple user registry configuration.

The user-managed vault segment allows users to add application definitions, such as a POP3 mail account, under the user vault and store a mapping there. Some software firewall configurations may cause the installation to fail without first warning and without prompting to request access, so its recommended that you disable any software firewalls before running the installation.

In this case set the property useRegExp further below to true. If one of the other options for preserving links is not applicable, then the link information must be updated manually.

Themes and skins control the look and feel of a place. The following table shows the default location if it is not otherwise specified during installation: Create a new realm Choose this option to create a realm, which is a group of users from one or more user registries that form a coherent group within Lotus Quickr. Lotus Quickr provides many installation and configuration options. You must change the pzn property values in one of the exported files.

For example, the wpsadmin user will not be able to log in to a Qukckr Portal unless the wpsadmin user is a dofumentation of the corresponding realm. Updates of data in the shared domain are critical because they influence the other production line.