Commonly referred to as Luangpor Thong, Luangpor Thong Abhakaro is a Buddhist monk and teacher of Mahasati Meditation —a meditation method developed by his teacher, Luangpor Teean Jittasubho. Luangpor Teean, the Noble One. Luangpor Teean Jittasubho (birth name Phan Intapew) (), was born on 5th September , at Buhom village. Also the Thai monk Luang Por Teean taught a (more conservative) form of active meditation which in Luang Por Teean’s translated books is.

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Dhamma Teachings of Luangpor Teean

It is useless to worry about things that are past and cannot be put right and just as useless to worry about things that have not yet happened: The developing of sati is cause; the arising of panna is effect. When we develop sati, and know the movements more and more, nana-panna will occur. After we clearly know and really know we don’t have to ask anyone. Again he studied and practiced meditation with his uncle for six months. So if we really know, we don’t have to listen to anybody.

This monastery was called Wat Phoo or Wat Banphotkiri, not far from his home. One that knows teaches, the result is knowing, because everybody has it, each can become the real phra, a noble individual.

Luang por said that even though he yeean successful in trading, he was not happy, even while resting, there was still suffering, thinking about money and the things he would buy and sell. Sila is already there in us. The origin of the mind of human beings in every nation and of every language is as such.


Biography of Luang Por Teean

When nana-panna arises you have real confidence. His wife said ‘What is wrong about husband and wife consulting each other about spending money? The path for walking was almost forty meters luanypor and Luang por would walk beside him, about ten meters away.

After a few days of practice, on the early morning of the eleventh day of the waxing moon, the eighth month of Thai lunar calendar, in the year two thousand five hundred of the Buddhist Era 8th JulyPor Teean was enlightened and reached the end of suffering without any traditional rituals or teachers.

It is as if monks are the papa itself. The calmness of langpor from not-knowing, because we know and because we are alert.

When he realized that the end was near, Luangpor Teean discharged himself from the hospital and returned to Ko Phutthatham in Loei province. Please, each of you, practice the awareness wherever you are, at home or the office, in all movements, and that will become the real morality, the real blessing.

It is while still alive that we can truly benefit ourselves and others. But in the case of common people, they are part of that thought, so they cannot see the thought.

But, now when he was practicing, the knowledge that arose was not just knowing from memory, it was not the same. His wife’s name was Horm, she was a relative of his. The boy, like the rest of them in the village, had to help his mother in running their farm. He answered as follows: Keeping a house in good condition, takes more time and is more involved than building it.


If we only practice keeping the precepts or doing calmness meditation, it is still not safe. Luangpir need no longer look for a teacher because we really know, for and by and in ourself. Once, Luang por went with uncle to Laos but because Luang por was still a child, he cried whenever everybody talked about home. We just think ourself.

If we sit like that we cannot work. To have that present be a positive experience the suggestion, extracted from the sutras, goes something like: The clear knowing and real knowing is luangppor same thing. Sasana is the individual, and Buddhasasana is the satipanna awareness-knowing that enters and knows the mind.

That which is not clean, illuminated and calm is not our mind.

This kind of disease cannot be cured by the doctor in the hospital, but you have to study yourself until you know the source of thought.