Results 1 – 16 of 16 Amor inmortal by Tiernan, Cate and a great selection of similar Amor Inmortal: Cate Tiernan . Luz inmortal (Paperback): Cate Tiernan. Eternally Yours (IB 03) by Cate Tiernan: “1 Jumped the Shark” Star. soplo de aire fresco, una luz y una razón para que la saga Amor inmortal valga la pena. by Cate Tiernan First published January 1st Sort by. title, original date published, date Luz inmortal (Paperback). Published October 31st by SM.

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Watching his and Nas’s relationship grow in this edition of the series was something that I had been longing for. Almost because Nasty was thrown off guard by Reyn’s confession, which I was surprised cause I thought Nasty felt the same way.

Nastasya CroweReyn. I had to re-read the page because I thought Lyz missed something important. Suddenly, the place and people she’s come to love are under attack by dark, unknown forces, and she’s unsure of her role in it all.

Editions of Eternally Yours by Cate Tiernan

I know a long time ago got acte into reading. Kinda killed it for me. Her sword training with Reyn was pitch perfect he is so pissed at her for not being able to protect herself – he unwittingly exposes just how much he cares whether or not she gets hurtand their interactions are much more plentiful, and make so much more sense, in this book than the first two.

I love that her character is flawed, both weak and strong, both introverted and social, both reckless and thoughtful.

Eternally Yours

Or, not enough material to sustain three books. So, she spends roughly pages buying up a bunch of vacant shops, hiring a gaggle of townies to rehab them, and renting them to: I have been talking lately about how I don’t re-read books but upon finishing this series I can totally see myself re-reading it one day to relive everyone’s story and absorb it all again. In this book we get to see more vulnerability from her as she starts a project on making the little town of West Lowing a better place, and she feels a little overwhelmed with the gratitude she receives from the residents from doing this good deed.


Well, I enjoyed this series for the most part, less so, as it went on.

Also, it was well paced and the alternating past-present scenes worked well in creating a cohesive whole. May 22, Debra rated it really liked it Shelves: There are so many different tales weaved together in this series and I loved learning about each person.

Book of Shadows Sweep Paperback. And I love that. Writing as Cate Tiernan, she is best known for her Sweep series, which follows the Wiccan adventures of a cast of high school students. During the first third of the book, I was underwhelmed by all the “Previously in the Immortal Beloved Series May 17, Ashley Brooke rated it it was amazing.

Cate Tiernan also tried my patience with the close calls between Nas and Reyn, and the constant bickering and walking away. Perhaps there was a plotting problem. I would sneak to my local library straight after school to see if they had the next book in the inmmortal read it all within two weeks.

It’s not that I don’t work or play well xate others, but I need to decide for myself when I do a certain thing, and cat I do it. She changed the course of my life, the way a storm can make a river jump its banks and surge ahead. To me, it shows a glaring disrespect for your readers when you force them to witness one stupid misunderstanding after another simply because you can’t be bothered to think of a different way to make your story last.


I just wanted a little more at the end!

Books by Cate Tiernan. Debra’s Book Cafe Debs: Some people try not to catch colds. This will probably not bother most people, but I was hoping for some more cute scenes with Reyn.

The story proved to be great, but it just felt rushed toward the end. This was a wonderful, frothy tragicomedy, the strength of which was in the language, not the plot. But I will say that I was surprised at how open he was in this book in sharing more of his past with Nastasya. I greatly admire P. Nasty continues to shine, both as a character attempting to attain more from her immortal existence and as a narrator who never puz to make me laugh.

I shot River a glance. But that’s what I loved that we got so much backstory on each of these characters and the magick was done so well yet again. The best thing about this book is Reyn, and even though he’s in this one more than he was in the first two, it still wasn’t enough.