– Buy Mandrake Comics Set of 5 Digests in Bengali book online at best prices in India on Read Mandrake Comics Set of 5 Digests in. Mandrake,Phantom, Bahadur, Flash Gordon, Dara & Rip Kirby. About the rest,I read them more like a general comic-fan but I don’t miss them,to. Aantim Manav(অন্তিম মানব),originally from D(The Wonder that Amazed the World ; ),is based on a fantasy plot of a giant man.

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Is it just for fun or get something more out of it?

Friday, February 15, Comic Now I have one query: I started off with Tinkle,which I think, I got introduced to around Diana and phantom came to walker’s table and surprisingly they found the rope and basket which used as elevator, was broken. Now they have completely dried up in Chennai.

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Its a fascinating topic that you have bought up regarding the prices of Indrajals having reached a saturation point. I was only in class three and manvrake day I saw some boys force to move out. Rip Kirby-Have always been fascinated by detective stories and it was no surprise that I got hooked on to the adventures of Rip kirby.


My Top 5 favorite indrajal stars are as follows. The supporting characters were brilliant,especially loved the double identity bengal Hojo. Benagli, enjoy this story!

Tero talar siri- rezaur rahman Galpo saptadash by Jumpa Lahiri Mahabharater ekshoti durlabh muhurto by dhireshcha This book is only available for downloading.

The ones I couldn’t quell with glares came in for some shoving and pushing from my side. Hoping that he will make a come back soon to fight the villains of the present day. If I ask you this question, I know everybody has different answer but we all agree with one, love it at first sight. A haul of 20 odd Indrajals in one single-day meant a lot for me and my brother mandfake those days! I am a 90’s comic buff. This is not that story of how they found Walker’s Table.

Bikele bari firei dekhi tomar blog-e notun ijc. Great American comic book artist Al Williamson has died. I start to read Indrajal Comics at age of 9 or Many a times I have been transported to Xanadu or the office of inter-intel.

I had to leave behind some, because they were unfortunately incomplete. It’s a very nice story indeed. What have I found?

Bengali Indrajal Comics ForEver: Post # Bengali Indrajal Comics No

I live in Berhampore, West Bengal, in my childhood we used to go to my maternal uncle house in Kolkata during summer vacation. Hojo-An interesting account of your Indrajal hunt.


Phantom-One of the very first superhero like character that I was exposed to during my childhood first through Diamond Comics and bejgali through Indrajal. But I guess after some years the market will be in the better position for buyers mandrakke again,which is in the near ‘saturation point’,so you have to be bit patient only!

Bengali Mandrake Comics – Bangla E-books Free Download

Still missing a lot of the earlier issues. I took a 2nd route to reach the CS,met a lone seller on my way on the foot-path with hardly total books who ‘told’ me that Ijcs are quite available in that area,even showed me few and assured me that he can arrange many! More books of Bengali Mandrake Comics will be uploaded soon. Those were the times when young minds were not adulterated with Iphones,Ipods, the internet or even cable television.

The price of the comic was a princely 0. Someone try to cheat a.

You are awesome man. And most funny thing is that,while that seller served me the much needed encouragement,he himself never arranged a single copy for me,being a really small-scale benhali